Game: The Simpsons: Bart and the Beanstalk
Release: 1993
Platforms: Nintendo Game Boy
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment Inc.
Developer: Software Creations
Players: 1
Play: eBay

Have you ever wondered what the story of Jack and the Beanstalk would be like if it starred The Simpsons? Well, now you can find out! Introducing Bart and the Beanstalk, a classic side-scrolling adventure starring Bart Simpson in place of Jack, Homer in place of the giant, and Mr. Burns as the grifter who takes Bart's cow for a few stinkin' beans. Much like the old story, Bart must face peril as he climbs the beanstalk, explores the giant's castle, and finally runs away as fast as he can with the giant's treasures!

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                   Based on the Game Boy version
                 Written and maintained by SubSane
                   Last Updated  August 28, 2003



     1.1 Game Details
     1.2 Story

     2.1 Game Start
     2.2 Status and Menu Screens
     2.3 Controls
     2.4 Items
     2.5 Points

     3.1 Up the Beanstalk 
     3.2 Outside the Castle
     3.3 The Giant's Cupboard
     3.4 Soup Du Jour
     3.5 The Giant's Room
     3.6 Escape from the Castle
     3.7 Down the Beanstalk


     5.1 Version History
     5.2 Guide Credits
     5.3 Contact Information
     5.4 Legal Stuff


===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION =============================================

                        1.1  Game Details

This game was released in 1993, the third installment of the Gameboy
Bart trilogy. Developed by Software Creations.

                            1.2  Story

Once upon a time, there was a poor family with a son named Bart. The
family was so poor, they sent Bart into town to sell the family cow.
On his way to town a miser traded some magical beans and a slingshot
to him for the cow. 

When Bart took the beans back home, his father Homer tried to eat them,
then spit them out the window. He sent Bart to his room for the night.
The next morning, Bart saw that a giant beanstalk had grown into the
sky. He grabbed his slingshot and headed up the beanstalk.


===== 2.0 BASICS ===================================================

                           2.1  Game Start

Press Start
Choose this option to begin the game.

                     2.2  Status and Menu Screens

From left to right:

The Bart face represents the number of remaining lives for a stage.

The white bar in the middle is the remaining health.

Gold Coins
The total number of accumulated points.

The numbers above the gold coins are your points.

                          2.3  Controls

Command        |  Character Action               |  Other           
Start          |  Pause                          |  -
Select         |  Use special weapon             |  -
Left           |  Walk or jump left              |  -
Right          |  Walk or jump right             |  -
Up             |  Climb vines                    |  Slow parachute
Down           |  Climb vines                    |  Speed parachute
B button       |  Use slingshot                  |  Parachute spin
A button       |  Jump                           |  -

                             2.4  Items

    Item         |  Purpose of item
    Gold coin    |  Needed to complete each stage, get energy
    Dynamite     |  Use it to destroy all enemies on screen
    Paper plane  |  Use it to kill enemies in one shot
    Black ball   |  Temporary slingshot upgrade
    Golden goose |  Need it to beat the "Giant's Closet" level
    Harp         |  Need it to beat the "Giant's Closet" level
    Money bag    |  Need it to beat the "Giant's Closet" level
    Golden egg   |  Temporary invincibility

                             2.5  Points

    Action/Item  |  Number of points
    Money bag    |  900 points
    Stage enemy  |  200 points
    Boss         |  200 points
    Gold coin    |  100 points
    Dynamite     |  100 points
    Paper plane  |  100 points
    Black ball   |  100 points


===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH ==============================================

                        3.1  Up the Beanstalk                     

Gold coin requirement: 40 coins
Enemies: Beetles, hornets, flies

Believe it or not, this is the one of the hardest levels in the game.
Although basic, there are way too many enemies and other obstacles
that hurt you, not to mention that if you fall too far you will lose
a life. I'll go through what I can to make the stage as easy as

When you start off you'll see a beetle. To kill him just stay far
enough away to see the pattern, then time your shots to kill him. It
takes two hits. Always remember that your shots are infinite and you
have no timer. NEVER take a risk because you're trying to get through
quicker. Trust me, it's better to wait and be careful, otherwise you
will not beat this game. 

One other thing, if you die you have to start all over again!!! That's
right, you lose all the coins you've gathered and a life, and you get
sent back to the beginning of the level. So, don't die!!!

Anyway, kill it and collect the first 3 coins. Coin count is now 3.
Keep in mind that you get energy for the coins you collect. Ya know, a
little extra help. Then pick up the dynamite stick. The dynamite stick
is used to destroy all the enemies on screen, but don't use it yet. 

When you reach the vine, use the thin leaves to bounce up. Collect the
next 3 coins to get a total of 6. Kill the next beetle. When you come
across the circle of flies, press select to use the dynamite stick and
kill them. Directly under you there should be a hanging vine and some
coins. To get to the vine, fall off the left edge and quickly hold right
to grab the vine. Collect the next 3 coins to have a total of 9 coins. 

From here jump to the long vine on the left and climb up, beware of
the beetle and the thin spot in the ground. To kill the beetle just
stand to the left, next to the thin spot. Then jump over the thin
spot, to the left. Use the leaves on the left to get those 3 coins,
then carefully fall off the edge and avoid the flies to get the 3
coins on the left. You now have a total of 15 coins. Go back up and
head to the right. Collect the 3 coins hanging next to the vines, then
climb to the bottom of the longest vine and jump to the right platform.
Hopefully you jumped low enough to avoid the spikes and flies on the 
top platform. Kill the beetle and get the dynamite stick, then go back
to the vine farthest right. Jump up and jump over the spikes. This is
often hard to do because, well, it's damn hard! You will most likely
get hit, but try your best to make it over. Get the 3 coins to have 21. 

Make your way back to the right, jumping over the spikes and flies.
Bounce up the right vine and kill that beetle when it's on the
opposite end. Keep going up the vine to collect the dynamite stick
then go left. Kill the hornets with two hits each. When you climb up
the vine on the left, make sure your body is turned to the right. A
spiky beehive will fall on the left, so be careful of it. Kill the
beetles and pick up the next 2 coins to have 23. 

When you reach the right edge, fall and hold left to grab the vine
and the paper planes. If you still had the dynamite stick, try and go
somewhere where there are flies on the screen and use the dynamite to
kill them before you get the planes. Climb down that vine until you're
nearly at the bottom. If you were at the correct spot, when you jump
to the left you should be able to grab the next vine. If you were at
the wrong spot then you'll either fall short and go down, or land on
the platform above. Once you manage to get to the vine, make another
small jump to the left and collect those 4 coins, you now have 27

When you go right and see the leaves to bounce on, wait a second.
There is a long vine far to the right that has 3 coins, and the only
way to get them is to bounce on the far right of the first leaf. When
you jump, go far enough to hit the leaf as far right as possible. If
you did it right you should bounce past the second leaf and over to
the vine. You now have 30 coins. Climb up the vine and kill the beetle
with a plane, then climb up the next vine and collect the dynamite
and the 2 coins to the left to get 32 coins, only 8 to go! 

Climb back down the vine because if you jump you might die, then head
left. Collect another dynamite and use it on the flies then bounce up
the left side. Get the next 3 coins and kill the beetle. Bounce up
the next vine and collect the next 2 coins for a total of 37 coins.
Go all the way to the platform and head right, but only grab the
coins when the beetle is on the opposite side. Kill it if you want
the dynamite stick. 

Well, you are done with the coin collecting, and you also got an
energy boost from collecting all the coins, so head up the leaves
and use the dynamite stick on the flies. At this point there are
extra coins on the vine to the left and the one above you, but you
shouldn't need them. If you do, grab as many as you need. Climb up
the vine above you, but keep your body to the right. The falling
spike hive may hit you. 

Kill that beetle and grab the black ball to get a temporary slingshot
upgrade. With it, it only takes one hit to kill an enemy. Head to the
right to meet the "boss" of the level.

The Homer beetle is simple to beat. When you enter the area stay to
the left. Wait for him to climb down and shoot him, then jump right
over. Make sure to time your shots so it hits him when he hits the
floor. If you picked up the slingshot upgrade it takes 15 hits, if
you didn't it'll take 20 hits. I mean really, it's too easy isn't it?
Well, finally out of here.

                        3.2  Outside the Castle                     

Gold coin requirement: 30 coins
Enemies: None

Whoa, that previous section was too long, wasn't it? If you managed
to beat the first stage, then you know all the basics. I'll try to make
this section shorter.

Ok, the basics about this level. The white clouds are permanent but
sometimes have lightning bolts on them, the moving grey clouds are also
permanent but you have to move as they move, and the grey clouds that
don't move are bouncy, so you can bounce on them once and they
disappear. If you need to use one again, they reappear after a few
seconds. I don't need to point out any coins because you collect them 
as you go right, they are real easy to spot.

Ok, go right getting all the coins you see and avoiding the lightning
bolts. Whenever you bounce on a grey cloud, always hold right. There
should be a platform to land on, and if you miss the grey cloud will be
gone, and thou will fall to thy doom. So, uh, keep going right until
you see a chain. 

Avoid the missiles (were there missiles in Jack and the beanstalk?
eh...), and hop down the lower left platforms to get the egg. The egg
gives you invincibility, so grab it and head back to the chain and go
right. When you reach the tower, be careful around the holes. They shoot
out air that can knock you off the platform. Keep going right and you
should get all the coins you need pretty quick, so keep going right 
getting everything you can.

Eventually you'll reach the boss, the Burns cloud. This guy is a bit
trickier than the last boss, but I'll tell ya the pattern. First of all
head to the right. When he goes towards you, you have to shoot him and
jump up so you avoid him. He will go across like this THREE times.
After the third time, stand in the middle and jump over him as he goes
across. He will then go across the top of the screen shooting bolts and 
stay on the other side shooting lightning bolts. 

Stay on the far left and you should be fine. He will then repeat the
same pattern, meaning he'll go across the floor at you THREE times
again. After the third time, just stand in the middle and go back to
the right side. He will repeat the same pattern as the first time. The
VERY important trick here is to time your shot so that you can hit him
and still have time to jump up. Although it may seem easy, it is 
actually quite hard. It takes nearly 30 hits to beat this guy!!!
Well, it took me awhile. Hopefully you still had the dynamite stick 
to use. Good luck. 

                      3.3  The Giant's Cupboard                     

Gold coin requirement: 35 coins
Enemies: Rats

Ok, this stage is sorta easy. I'd say medium difficulty. As you go
along, you want to jump over the thumb tacks, which is an easy task.
You see those rat traps? Well, you don't want to touch the spike on
the right of them. You do want to use the spring on the left side of
them. The rats are simple to kill, only 2 hits with a normal shot, 1
hit with the upgrade. These aren't as slow as the beetles, so stay far 
away. As for the candles, you have to walk across when they are
flickered out. You only get like a second, so move very fast. Also,
every once in a while a pen will fall down the screen. Very easy to

Alright, just head right, jumping over tacks, killing rats, and using
the springs to jump over obstacles. Eventually you'll pass some candles
and some tacks, and you'll see some coins. Grab the 1 coin you can reach
from above, then keep going right. You'll get a good ol' slingshot
upgrade and 3 more coins, bringing you to a total of 4. Go back across
the candles and make sure to hit that spring as far to the left as
possible. If you don't you'll land right on the spike across the gap.
Get those 4 coins to have 8. Avoid the pen and go left to collect the
dynamite stick and 4 coins to get a total of 12. Go the top way to the
right, avoiding the pen and killing the rat. Go up the steps to get 4
more coins and have 16 total. Waste whatever upgrade shots you have
left, then fall down that hole to collect another upgrade and 11 coins. 

After you fall, head back up to the spot you were just at. Go across
the gaps for 7 more coins, and a total of 34. Kill the rat and go
over to the candles. Quickly grab the egg at the bottom and try to get
across as many candles as possible. The coins you get here will finish
the coin requirement. Continue to the right and reach the end to finish
the level. Guess what, no boss!

                         3.4  Soup Du Jour                     

Gold coin requirement: 15 coins
Enemies: None

This is a simple level. Avoid the salt shaker from the top and the
bubbles in the soup. The way the level works is for every coin you
grab, another appears on another meatball. 

When you're jumping from meatball to meatball never stand still on
the middle ones. Sometimes they sink into the soup, causing you to
die. Also remember to always jump from one to another, never drop
onto a lower one, because you can't. You'll just fall and die. After
easily getting the 15 coins, it's on to the next level.

                       3.5  The Giant's Closet                     

Gold coin requirement: 30 coins
Enemies: Rats, fire flies

This one's relatively easy too. First of all, you may notice that
whenever you walk into a light area, you flash as if hurt. Well, you're
not getting hurt. Whenever you get into a light area, you have about
5 or 6 seconds to get out before a giant hand comes down and smashes
you, making you lose a life. So just remember to stay in the dark
areas as much as possible.

If you head straight to the right you should find 5 coins and a
dynamite stick. From there go straight up and left to find the money
bag the giant's wife mentioned earlier. If you go up and right into the
light area you'll get 4 coins, then just jump over the rat and quickly
go into the gap between the two lamps. Collect the next 4 coins and
kill the rat, then jump over or use the dynamite stick on the fire
flies. Get the upgrade and the 3 coins right next to it, then quickly
go through the light area. I mean quick, ignore the rat in the way! Get
the next 3 coins and kill that rat if you like. You now have 19 coins. 

When you jump on that small platform, quickly jump off and to the
right. The platform disappears and you'll fall if you stay on. Get
the next 3 coins, then the paper planes and another 3 coins. Coins
now totaled at 25. Go across quickly again and you'll find 4 more
coins. I suggest ignoring any rats if you are in a light area, it's
just a waste of valuable seconds to kill them. Anyway, go right
again and you'll find the last coins you need to meet the requirement.
If you go down and left, jumping the small platforms, you'll find the 
giant's harp. Remember to go through as quickly as possible. 

Next there is a platform below the top-right one. Take the bottom
path and make your way across the small platforms, as carefully as
possible. You're near the end, so make a mad dash for the finish
line. You'll find the giant's golden goose and the exit. Guess what,
no boss, again!!!

                     3.6  Escape from the Castle                     

Gold coin requirement: None
Enemies: None

This stage is basically you going backwards through the "Outside the
Castle" level, except a lot quicker. Remember to always stay to the
left, because if the right of the screen gets you, you'll lose a life
when the giant gets you. 

If you don't see anything, wait a second or two for a platform to
appear. It's too easy to lose a life, but it's still possible. Just
make definite jumps and stay to the left.

                       3.7  Down the Beanstalk                     

Gold coin requirement: None
Enemies: Ducks, beetles

This one is also really simple. As you go down, remember that holding
down will speed you up, holding up will slow you down. Along the way
you'll come across ducks, beetles, and spikes. You can kill the ducks
by pressing B to do a little attack spin. There is one simple way to
get down the beanstalk: follow the coins! The coins will lead you to
the bottom with no problem. Sometimes you may get stuck on a platform,
in which case quickly get to a gap and keep falling. If the top of
the screen reaches you, the giant will take 1 life away. Anyway, once
you reach the bottom, go to the left and grab the axe to finally
finish the level.

Congratulations you skilled bastard, you just beat the game!!!


===== 4.0 CODES & SECRETS ==========================================

Game Shark codes for all Gameboy Versions

 Unlimited lives

 Unlimited energy


===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. ============================================

                        5.1  Version History

August 28: Version 1.1
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Oy, more mistakes to fix.

June 24: Version 1.0
- - - - - - - - - - -
I rewrote the whole thing, essentially. Might as well start this over
at 1.0. Have fun!

                         5.2  Guide Credits

Thanks to...

1. Matt Groening. The man created 'The Simpsons', which has been on
the air for 14 years and is still going strong. Shine on you crazy
bearded bastard!

2. If I thank Matt Groening, then I also have to praise the hundreds
of individuals who are involved with the show. To the writers, voice
actors, animators, producers, gofers, and every other person
involved... thank you!

3. Wilson Lau gets mad props for his kick ass 'Bart vs. the Space
Mutants' guide. It inspired me to write guides for Simpsons video

4. Software Creations and Nintendo for making the game possible.

5. for the Gameshark codes.

6. Thank YOU for reading. After all, I didn't write this for my own

                      5.3  Contact Information

The address is:

The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely
respond to any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without
a subject. Put 'Bart and the Beanstalk' or something similar in the
subject line.

                          5.4  Legal Stuff

1. "Bart and the Beanstalk" is copyright © 1993 Acclaim Entertainment
Inc. The Simpsons and any related Simpsons characters are property of
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

2. This guide copyright © 2002-2003 SubSane. This guide may be
distributed freely as long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and UNALTERED
form. It is only for private use and may not be reproduced for
commercial purposes.

If I discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is being
displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide removed from
that location.

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