Game: Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly
Release: 1991
Platforms: Nintendo Game Boy
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment Inc.
Developer: Imagineering Inc.
Players: 1
Play: eBay

Summer camp is always fun... except when the camp counselor is Ironfist Burns, the evil cousin of Mr. Burns! Under his control the camp known as "Camp Deadly" is now a cesspool of hard labor, fatal camp games, and horrible cafeteria food. Bart and Lisa must work together to get past the army of counselors, forest creatures, and supernatural weirdness that stand in their path to freedom.


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                 Written and maintained by SubSane
                   Last Updated  August 28, 2003



     1.1 Game Details
     1.2 Story

     2.1 Game Start
     2.2 Status Screen
     2.3 Controls
     2.4 Items
     2.5 Points

     3.1 Morning Activity
     3.2 Lunch Break
     3.3 Afternoon Activity
     3.4 Dinner
     3.5 Mount Deadly
     3.6 Escape to the Power Station


     5.1 Version History
     5.2 Guide Credits
     5.3 Contact Information
     5.4 Legal Stuff


===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION =============================================

                        1.1  Game Details

Escape from Camp Deadly was released in 1991 as the first Simpsons
game for the Gameboy. It was developed by Imagineering, who also
made Bart vs the Space Mutants, Bart vs. the World, and Bartman
Meets Radioactive Man.

                            1.2  Story

Bart and Lisa have been sent to the evilllll Camp Deadly, run by a
distant relative of Mr. Burns, Ironfist Burns!!! The counselors are
no picnic either. 

As the day goes on Bart and Lisa realize that it is practically hell
on Earth, and they plot to escape from the camp of the damned...


===== 2.0 BASICS ===================================================

                           2.1  Game Start

Press Start
Start the game, obviously.

                          2.2  Status Screen

From left to right:

That upside down V represents the number of boomerangs you have.

The donuts are the remaining health.

This is the number right above the donuts. The total number of
accumulated points.

Uh, the remaining number of lives.

                          2.3  Controls

Command        |  Character Action             |  Other           
Start          |  Pause                        |  -
Select         |  Use special weapon           |  -
Left           |  Walk or jump left            |  -
Right          |  Walk or jump right           |  -
Up             |  Climb trees/vines            |  -
Down           |  Duck                         |  Climb trees/vines
Down           |  Climb vines                  |  -
B button       |  Shoot weapon                 |  -
A button       |  Jump                         |  -

                             2.4  Items

    Item          |  Purpose of item
 Bee outfit       |  Guard against bee attacks
 Football outfit  |  Plow through enemies without getting hurt
 Nuclear outfit   |  Guard against hits
 Krusty Head      |  Extra life
 Boomerang        |  Extra weapon
 Tofu Burgers     |  Weapon
 Broccoli         |  Weapon
 Crabapples       |  Weapon
 Fish smelts      |  Weapon
 Liver Pizza      |  Weapon
 Prune ice cream  |  Weapon
 Donut            |  Extra health
 Madman Mort head |  Helps you beat a boss

                             2.5  Points

(You get extra donuts and lives for the points.)

    Action/Item    |  Number of points
  Donut            |  500 points
  Boomerang        |  500 points
  Stage enemy      |  500 points
  Food in dumpster |  500 points
  Flag             |  666 points
  Krusty Head      |  1000 points
  Kill a boss      |  1388 points


===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH ==============================================

                        3.1  Morning Activity                     

Enemies: Camp counselors, Blindside Bill, Rebound Rodney, bees, fish

This stage officially starts when you walk by that bulletin board and
read the post. When you start you'll see a tree with a flag on one
of the branches. Go pick it up to get the first flag. Now, wait up
there because a camp counselor will come from the right.

Counselors are bad guys, so you don't want to run into them. Although
you do have spitwads as weapons, all they do is freeze the enemies,
not kill them. Wait for him to go left then jump down and run over to
the next tree. You can climb up tree trunks by holding Up. 

Climb up and grab the 5 boomerangs from Lisa. A quick tip: NEVER
shoot Lisa. She will take away whatever item she had, and you
definitely don't want that. So, you now have an actual weapon. 

There is a trick to using boomerangs though. If you stand straight
and shoot it, it will go forward and come back. However, jumping and
shooting it will cause it to go at an angle, and you might miss
catching it. If a boomerang gets away, well, kiss it goodbye. You get
a limited number of boomerangs, so be sure to catch them.

Jump down and use it on the counselor to test it. For ground enemies
like counselors all you have to do is stand still and shoot. It will
go through and kill the enemy, then come back. 

Sometimes you'll have a situation where you have lots of enemies on
the screen, behind and in front of you even. To deal with this just
shoot the boomerang to kill some, then use the spitwads to freeze the
others. Keep shooting spitwads until you get the boomerang back, then
kill 'em. You'll get the hang of it eventually. Ground enemies also
give donuts when you kill them, so be quick and catch them before
they disappear.

Anyway, go forward and you'll run across a bunch of those guys. It's
sort of ridiculous, actually. It's like an army. Whenever one appears,
stand still. They usually come in groups, so as soon as you see one
stand still and kill any others that come out. 

Repeat the process of stopping and killing until you reach a tree and
a pond. Stand on that branch that's on the right, then jump to easily
make it over the pond. Go right again and eventually you'll see a hive
and some bees. DO NOT shoot them, because one hit from them and you
die. Jump on the high branch of the left tree and wait until they
are to the lower left, then make a big jump to the right. Keep going
until you hit the pond, then climb up that trunk that goes up. You'll 
climb into the lair for the first boss, Blindside Bill.

To kill Blindside Bill you have to hit him from behind. Tough you
say? Sorta. The trick is to shoot the boomerang so that it goes
behind him as he faces you, then on it's way back it hits him. The
best chance is when you first see him. After you enter go right and
when he's close, jump. 

When you jump shoot the boomerang. Make sure to shoot it on your way
up so that it goes towards the upper right at an angle. Run left so
that Bill doesn't hit you, then hopefully the boomerang will hit him.
If it missed go to the very right. Look out for the hole though. When
Bill is walking towards you and he's close jump behind him and
quickly shoot the boomerang when you're at the top of the jump. The
boomerang has to go at a downward angle. Bill is a slow fella, so
hopefully the boomerang was able to him behind his head. Either
way he's not TOO hard, just keep trying. Collect those two donuts he
drops, jump over the hole, then get the bee outfit from Lisa. 

After you climb back down the tree grab that Krusty head on the left,
then go right. You can't shoot while you have the bee outfit, but it
protects you from losing a donut, so try hard not to get hit as you
go to the right. It also disappears after a while. 

After those counselors pass you'll see another hive and more bees. If
you still have the bee outfit just go right in and collect the flag.
If not jump around to the right side, then grab the flag when the
bees are to the left. Once again keep going until you reach the pond,
and jump over to the branch of the next tree. Don't stand on the
really thin part of the branch because it breaks and you'll fall into
the pond. 

The next pond has two jumping fish, just wait until they are in the
pond to jump. The third tree will have a branch with more bees. Same
as before, wait for them to fly low then make a big leap to the next

Go right and climb up the next tree, but stand on the branch. From
here you can either go up to fight another boss, or make a huge leap
forward onto a small patch of land in the pond. You'll get an extra
life if you choose the pond, but you'll get an item that kills
enemies a lot quicker if you go up. Your choice.

If you go up you'll fight Rebound Rodney. This boss is a whole lot
quicker than Blindside Bill, so you get less chances to beat him. For
the first try do exactly what you did for Bill. If it didn't work
start walking right, but jump and shoot the boomerang to the upper
left and keep walking right. You basically do the same thing again,
just to the left. If neither of those chances got him, well, it's
over. He's just too quick to use Bill's second strategy, so lose a 
life and try again. It's too easy to fail though... Collect the
football outfit from Lisa and go down.

With the football gear all you have to do is run through the
counselors as if they were little girlie men. Otherwise just shoot
your way through. At the end of the row of trees there is a tree with
a Krusty head, so pick it up. When you get to the pond use the
floating log to get across, then go ahead and grab the final flag at
the end.

Damn it, I hate writing such long sections, but it helps to introduce
the basics. Now it's on to a rather confusing place called the Mess

                          3.2  Lunch Break                     

Enemies: Counselors, cafeteria guys

This part is short. Go to the right and you'll come across a buffet
table with burgers on it. From here on what you basically do is walk
to the right and use the various food items on the tables to kill off
the counselors. The counselors will sometimes throw knives and forks
at you, so you'll have to start jumping over the low knives and
ducking under the high ones. 

You can also shoot the knives and forks before they hit you.
Remember that you don't have to jump to get the items, just walk
straight. After the first and second tables you'll see some Krusty
heads, so grab those. If you have any foods left at the end of each
table you'll get points by dumping them in the dumpster.

One thing you should watch out for is the cafeteria guys. They are
dressed with an apron and stand still about halfway through each
table. Whenever you see one DON'T shoot any weapon. If you do it in
front of them they'll make you eat the foods, which means you'll
lose all the weapons you had. No counselors should appear around the
cafeteria guys anyway, so no need to worry. Be careful around the
last table because it will have two cafeteria guys.

Go through three tables and it's on to the next stage.

                       3.3  Afternoon Activity                     

Enemies: Counselors, wasps, spiders, fish, Slipshod Sammy, Nelson

Aw crap, more flag capture! All right, so pick up the boomerangs from
Lisa and just shoot your way through, same as before. Be extra
cautious cuz now the counselors shoot apples at you. 

When you get to the pond don't stand on the limb too long because
it's a thin one, and it breaks. Anyway jump onto the floating log
and keep going until you reach a guy in a snare. That's Madman Mort,
the guy that the post at the beginning warned you about. 

I know it said not to do it, but go ahead and release him. Jump
around to the RIGHT side, because if you touch him you die. Just
touch the rope. He'll salute you and run off. Your good deed for the
day... At this point you can either go up that tree where you found
Mort and fight another boss for another good item, or go straight. 

To beat Slipshod Sammy use the same starting strategy you used for
Bill and Rodney. Then go and get the nuclear outfit from Lisa.

Keep going and you'll reach a sewer pipe. Go inside. For this part
all you have to do is avoid those spinning atoms and the sewage drops.
If you have the nuclear suit just walk through the atoms, but the
drops will still hit you. To avoid the atoms just stand next to them
and watch the pattern, then quickly run under them. To avoid the
drops you have to jump through the gap between drops. Just wait a
few seconds to get the timing, then jump through. Grab the boomerang
and climb up to get out of here.

Once again you'll be going through more forest with more counselors,
so keep shooting your way through. Be sure to pick up the Krusty head
along the way. Eventually you'll reach a pond, so use the branch to
jump over it. Land as far to the left as possible because now you
have to deal with wasps. 

The first one might attack, so jump up and kill it. From here on the
best way to kill them is to slowly inch your way forward, and when
you see one appear on the right kill it. Don't go too far, or they'll
attack. To kill a wasp you usually have to jump and shoot the
boomerang at an angle. It might take a few tries, but it's relatively
easy. Also remember to jump and catch the boomerang before it

Eventually you'll reach some chopped down trees and a flag, so grab
it. Some more wasp killing and you'll get back to the forest and Lisa
with more boomerangs. Ahead you'll find another sewer pipe. 

In this one you have to kill some spiders to get to the end safely.
Kill that first small group that lands then quickly make your way
through. You may have to kill a few more along the way, but it's
easy. At the end you'll see Lisa and a spider. DON'T try to shoot
the spider. You might hit Lisa and you'll lose the three donuts
behind her. Go grab the donuts and climb the ladder.

Go forward again, killing more of those apple tossing counselors.
They pop out of the trees here, so go slowly. Also grab the Krusty
head and flag. Eventually you'll hit another pond. 

Here you have to use the floating logs to get across, but there are
fish between the logs. Wait for the fish to be below and the next log
to be close before you jump. After you jump the three logs you'll see
Lisa again (man does she get around), so grab the boomerangs. Next
up is a simple boss.

Nelson is EXTREMELY easy to beat. When you get there stay on the
ground and avoid his apples. When you see the Mort icon appear (his
face), grab it. He'll appear and push Nelson into the corner. Now all
you have to do is stand behind Mort and shoot Nelson until he dies.
See, saving Mort was a good idea.

Go forward and grab the last flag to finally be done with the flag
capture competition.

                            3.4  Dinner                     

Enemies: Counselors, cafeteria guys

This stage is exactly like the Lunch Break stage. Do the exact same
thing as you did before. The only thing I would pay special attention
to is the Mort head around the second table that gives you three
donuts, so pick it up.

Quick in and quick out, let's move on.

                         3.5  Mount Deadly                     

Enemies: Eagles, bats, counselors, skulls, skeletons

When you start you'll see some vines going up the mountain, so start
climbing. When you see the a door on the right, go in. All there is
in here is a Krusty head, so grab it and go out the next door. 

A bit further up you'll see Lisa with some boomerangs. Above Lisa
you'll find a platform and a hole on the left. In the hole there's a
counselor who tosses rocks though. Just wait for him to toss one
then quickly climb to the platform, then jump on the vine and climb
to the top.

Ok, so do you see those gaps in the path? Well, the second gap will
lead you to another Krusty head. Stand on it and land on the thin
piece below. Then QUICKLY jump over to the right because it will
fall. When you go in the room duck and shoot the skull to turn it
into a Krusty head. Don't touch the skull because it'll kill you. 

Go back out and jump back to the top, then keep going right. Of
course jump the gaps. When you reach a gap that has a door below wait
jump over the gap and wait. Eventually an eagle will fly below, and
what you have to do is land on it. Go in the door to grab a whole
bunch of donuts then go out of the upper door. Eventually you'll
reach more vines, so start climbing. 

On your way you'll run into a counselor, so wait right under the arc
of his rocks, then quickly climb to the upper right. Now wait again
because eagles will start flying across, and they will push you to
your doom! So, just wait until they pass and climb up into the door.

Kill off that bat and start climbing down the ladder. This part is
like the eagle situation, so just climb down slowly and watch the
patterns. When you get to the bottom keep your eyes on the ceiling
because those skulls fall and hit you. Whenever you see one shake,
immediately walk to the left. They'll never hit you. After that
you'll see skeletons pop out. This is easy because they are the
same as the counselors. After going through them just climb up the
ladder and avoid the bats again, then go out the door. 

Walk right and jump those relatively easy gaps (do it quick or the
steps will fall), then climb up the next vine. More eagle avoiding,
more boomerangs, then when you get to the top you have to kill that
counselor and go in the door.

Once again climb and avoid bats, then go out of the door to finally
put Mt. Deadly behind you.

                  3.6  Escape to the Power Station                     

Enemies: Station workers, bears, wasps, fish, spiders, Ironfist Burns

This is just another forest part. Pick up the boomerangs, naturally,
then go forward. The first thing you'll see is a power station worker.
These guys are just more counselor clones, so kill them the same way.
After you jump the pond you'll come across wasps, so use the same
strategy you used before. You'll then reach another pond with a log
in it, so use the log to jump up to that branch over the water. 

After a walk you'll see some very noticeable logs on the ground. When
you're in this area be VERY cautious because some bears will run
from the right, and one hit from them will kill you. All you have to
do is jump. 

One bear will appear right after you pass the first logs. Another one
will appear when you get between the third and fourth logs. Go
through the next pond, avoid the fish, and you'll see more wasps. Get
through them and pick up the boomerangs. Once again you'll come
across station workers, but these guys pop out of the trees. Still
simple. Jump through the next pond avoiding the fish, then when you
get to the camp fires jump over them by using the tree trunks. Go in
the sewage pipe.

This is the final stretch! Kill the first few spiders then make your
way through the same way you did in the other sewers. It's easy
enough, though sometimes a spider might hit you. 

Get through the atoms, drops, and spiders and when you see the ceiling
get higher and some light bulbs, STOP! 

See, at this point if you go forward you'll see Ironfist Burns
himself and Lisa in chains, but to get by Burns you never even have
to face him. Use your boomerangs and shoot out the light bulbs from
far away, so Burns doesn't come out. The farthest you should go is
half of Lisa's body. After you shoot out all four bulbs the tunnel
will go dark. Just jump over Burns (notice that Lisa already got
away), and go up the ladder.

When you see the power station just jump on top and walk left to hit
that switch. Walk out to the ledge then walk back to the right to
shut down Camp Deadly for good!

Congratulations! You just beat the game, so enjoy the ending and
thanks for playing another great Simpsons game!!!


===== 4.0 CODES & SECRETS ==========================================

Turn off music
- - - - - - - -
Press Start during the game to pause, then press A to turn 
off the music. Repeat the process to turn it back on.


===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. ============================================

                        5.1  Version History

August 28: Version 1.1
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Fixin' whats gots to be fixed, man!

June 27: Version 1.0
- - - - - - - - - - -
Just another rewrite, which sends this FAQ back to 1.0.

                         5.2  Guide Credits

Thanks to...

1. Matt Groening. The man created 'The Simpsons', which has been on
the air for 14 years and is still going strong. Shine on you crazy
bearded bastard!

2. If I thank Matt Groening, then I also have to praise the hundreds
of individuals who are involved with the show. To the writers, voice
actors, animators, producers, gofers, and every other person
involved... thank you!

3. Wilson Lau gets mad props for his kick ass 'Bart vs. the Space
Mutants' guide. It inspired me to write guides for Simpsons video

4. Imagineering and Nintendo for making the game possible.

5. GameFAQs for the music toggle secret.

6. Thank YOU for reading. After all, I didn't write this for my own

                      5.3  Contact Information

The address is:

The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely
respond to any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without
a subject. Put 'Escape Camp Deadly' or something similar in the
subject line.

                          5.4  Legal Stuff

1. "Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly" is copyright © 1991
Acclaim Entertainment Inc. The Simpsons and any related Simpsons
characters are property of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

2. This guide copyright © 2002-2003 SubSane. This guide may be
distributed freely as long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and
UNALTERED form. It is only for private use and may not be reproduced
for commercial purposes.

If I discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is
being displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide
removed from that location.

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