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The Simpsons Archive has been the Internet's safe place for Simpsons info hoarding since 1997! It's an amazing website with loads and loads of information about the show and its many (so many) tangential categories. You can read episode capsules, FAQs, find more links, get important news updates on Simpsons staff, find all the products that have ever had a Simpson slapped onto them, and all the lists you could probably want. Check them out!

The Video Game Museum is another longstanding pillar of the Internet community, having been around since at least 1999. Their massive archive of screenshots and game art stretches as far back as the first gaming systems ever to be released, and they roll right into the present day. You'll also find a thorough archive of game endings saved via pixel perfect screenshots. Needless to say, they have a ton of screenshots for any Simpsons video game you can name. It's an important archive resource and quite easy to get lost in there for hours!

Retronauts is America's favorite classic gaming podcast, probably. Cohosts Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey have been leading the charge for retro game podcasts since way back in 2006, with a revolving door of interesting guests who provide all manner of perspectives and opinions on games from the start of time (the 1970s!) to... well, ten years ago, because retro can only go so far. They talk about classic video games, their history, the impact on the industry and culture at large. They even have episodes covering some of the classic Simpsons video games of yester-year. It's an in-depth and long-running podcast with so many episodes that you'll never run out of something to listen to on long commutes.

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