Simpsons Bowling and Simpsons RPG. 26 Jul 2004
Well, it's been a hell of a week. I spent the last few days searching all over this Internet thing for The Simpsons Bowling ROM, which was recently released for MAME. I finally got all the necessary files to play the thing, no thanks to a few uptight message boards and misleading sites. I may post the links to the files in a later update, and rest assured that I'll have a Simpsons Bowling guide written up in a matter of weeks.

Another fan project that is in the works is The Simpsons RPG. Take a look at the web page HERE. It certainly seems... interesting, to say the least.

Fanatical types are funny. 05 Jul 2004
I went all out and wrote up a "Complete Guide to The Simpsons Video Games." It's just a text document with every story and ending for every Simpsons video game ever made, and can be found in the Game Info section. I also included a link to some info about a game called Murder in Evergreen Terrace. It's an adventure game currently being worked on by the LizzArts-Team. Check it out in the Links.

What's up cheese monkeys. 07 Jun 2004
The site is back up after a short reconstruction period, but its nothing noticeable like a kick-ass new design or sweet new graphics. I just reorganized the site for my convenience and pulled out the text info pages. All the games are now HTMLified to include screenshots and other assorted pictures.

Slow 'n steady, as the ladies prefer 10 Feb 2004
Before I get into updates, an announcement. I'm going to change the format so there's no longer a big update page. This has become more of an archive site anyway, and I figure a simpler design and layout should work well. Look out for all that.

So, today I have a total of seven maps for Simpsons Hit & Run, one for each level. I noted as much as I could without it getting cluttered (more so). Next up on the chopping block is the Game Boy version of Krusty's Fun House, an endings guide for all the Simpsons video games, and perhaps a Simpsons Bowling guide if the ROM is released by the end of February.

You like? 12 Jan 2004
'ello all. I got quite a few things done today.

First, there's a new instruction manual in the Game Info section. It's for Itchy & Scratchy in Miniature Golf Madness, and we have it thanks to World of Nintendo. From there we move on to the Game Guides and Codes, where I've fixed the look by using some good ol' tables, as well as adding a guide for Bart's Nightmare.

...I guess that was it. Well, it's still a lot. See ya!

'Tis a sad day for Simpsons video games 01 Jan 2004
A sad day because Noiseland Arcade (and parent site New Springfield), have officially closed. Those sites were what inspired me to create this site and to see them go is like watching an era pass by.

But from the ashes will rise a phoenix, so to speak. Simon Lau, the webmaster of those sites, has granted me permission to use the video game related content from Noiseland Arcade. It consists of a whole lot of screenshots and quite a bit of info, and it should all go up in a matter of weeks. Let me also take this opportunity to thank him again. Nice guy, that Simon.

So things are looking up. The site has a reliable host now, and there'll be a boost of info and screenshots. My guide for Bart's Nightmare should also be completed by next week. See ya next time folks.

It's X-mas time at the VGC 19 Dec 2003
And we have another new host and a new official link. So, this site is now hosted by Simpson Crazy. Ben is a cool guy, and I encourage all visitors from here to go and check out his sweet Simpsons site.

So, what's new? A little bit here and there. I have a few instruction manuals, some updates to the guides, and more links for all. It's just this time of the season makes me so kind and charitable...

Seriously, I wish I had more for the grand re-opening. Perhaps after I finish school I can spend a lot more time on images and such. Ah well. Have a good holiday and enjoy the breaks (even if some of us only get three weeks).

See ya, and a happy new year!

Merry Thanksgiving 27 Nov 2003
For those who like that sort of thing. I personally can't stand the relatives, but that's just me.

Well, I finally threw in those images I've been promising. It's just a random collection of stuff I've had since I started the site way back when. I also updated the guides for Bart vs. the Juggernauts and Simpsons Hit & Run, for those who want to know.

That'll do it for today.

I'm here aren't I?... 14 Nov 2003
Yea, I know that Halloween title was up 14 days too long. I drew up this here purty intro title, just for fun.

I have a new guide today for Bart vs. the Juggernauts on the original Gameboy. It's a pretty cool game the first time through, though there isn't much replay value. You can check it out in the Game Guides section.

The images I've been promising should be up in a few days. It's random stuff, but cool to have on the site.

See ya!

What shall we discuss?... 22 Oct 2003
How about, being so close to Halloween and all, I highlight some of the Halloween-related Simpsons video games?

Well, I'm doing it anyway. Today I have Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror. The game was released in March of 2001 for Gameboy Color, and is based on the Treehouse of Horror episodes of The Simpsons. In the game it is Halloween night, and the Simpsons were telling scary tales in the tree house. They fell asleep and their souls became trapped in crazy nightmares.

It's not the best story, but the game was pretty good. It's a side view platformer, and the player gets to use every member of the family in different settings to complete the game.

You can view some basic info and a game guide here at this site, or visit The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror for screenshots and other info.

And finally, I'll be adding an Images section pretty soon. It won't really be organized or anything, but I have a lot of images and I might as well put them up for viewing. Maybe by the end of the month.

All right, see ya!

Harpy Halloween ya muckers!... 08 Oct 2003
So it's not really Halloween yet, but some sites like to show off a special holiday design. I'm not one to be behind the times, so here ya go. Note that this site is now EVIL!!!

Anyway, here is what I have for you today. The guide for Simpsons Hit & Run is finally completed. Check it out in the Game Guides section for all your gaming needs.

Stay tuned baby, cuz I got lots more comin'!

Hey, I get things done... 01 Oct 2003
What did I tell ya, Simpsons Hit & Run is the best Simpsons game so far! I got the game on release day and have been hard at work on the guide. I have finished the majority of the guide and a gags guide as well, so check them out in the Guides section. Some great folks at GameFAQs have also discovered codes. Take a look in the Codes section.

Seriously, Hit and Run 18 Aug 2003
Simpsons Hit and Run is turning out to be a great game! Check out the trailer at Gamecube Europe. It is a game similar to the Grand Theft Auto series where you can steal cars, run over people, and best of all run around a 3-D Springfield.

I also updated all of the game info pages and added the games that were missing. That is all.

Up at last, up at last 17 Aug 2003
Well, this thing is finally back! I've been mad busy working on other projects and the design for CBG's Video Game Collection was at the bottom of the proverbial totem pole. I plan to do all kinds of things, but for now all the content is about the same.

So, what's new? Sweet lord, tons of crap. For one thing, The Simpsons: Hit and Run is due out next month! It will be coming out for PC, Playstation 2, Gamecube, and Xbox, so you can't weasel out of it and not buy the game.

Futurama came out last week, but only for PS2 and Xbox. The GC and Gameboy Advance versions were canceled for some reason, so I'll be going for the PS2 version. Expect a Futurama game guide from me, eventually.

Speaking of which, I received the prestigious (yea, that's right) "FAQ Writer of the Week" award from IGN! I gave 'em an interview that you can read here. It seems to me I came off a bit too obsessive, but eh. I got two free games out of it.

As for any site content... man, there's probably too much to list. All the guides have been updated, and there is also a new one for Simpsons: Road Rage on Gameboy Advance. Look through what we have, and rejoice! CBG's Video Game Collection is back for good.

I ain't dead, yo. 13 Apr 2003
Nah, I'm still around. To prove it I wrote three new guides for Road Rage, Krusty's Super Fun House, and Virtual Springfield. Check them out in the Video Game Guides section.

I also updated every other guide that I've written.

No... not again! 21 Mar 2003
The Simpsons Road Rage for Gameboy Advance has been pushed from May 3rd to June 24th! Does anyone else recall the Simpsons Skateboarding madness? Look in the Archives to find out...

Also, you may have noticed the Game Information page that I have placed on the site. If you want to know when a Simpsons game was released and by who, you'll find it in there.

They're dowwwwwwn. 17 Mar 2003
I was notified a few days ago that the downloads have not been working properly, so they're still not available. It could be another month before I get them back up.

Next, for those who don't know, The Simpsons Road Rage has been announced for the Gameboy Advance. It will be released in early May.

And finally, I am currently working on a Game Information page. It will have the game and release information for the various Simpsons video games, much like I had it before. Expect it some time next week.

They're baaaaack. 03 Mar 2003
The Downloads section has been updated.

One down... 26 Feb 2003
Time. It is endless... It is constant, yet we never notice...

Except this time! This crap of a site has been up for a whole year, and to celebrate I... wrote a guide!

Yea I know, no big deal. It's all I had time for. So, The Simpsons Arcade Game for PC now has a guide. Check it out in the Video Game Guides section. I also forgot to mention last time that I wrote a guide for Itchy and Scratchy In Miniature Golf Madness. See link above.

And finally, I drew up a new intro at the top. Not much, but smaller is better when it comes to this site.

Stuff on top of stuff. 21 Feb 2003
I updated every guide in the Video Game Guides section. Some were no longer available, and some were made easier to read. Also changed some minor things around.

Oh, and the 26th of this month will mark our one year anniversary! What should I do to celebrate? I have an idea, but let's see...

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