Oh, the memories... 07 Jul 2002
Happy happy, joy joy!!! Today CBG's Video Game Collection received over 1,000 visits! I know it isn't much for some sites, but for a small archive of the Simpsons video games and video game paraphernalia, I think it's pretty damn good!

Thanks to all of you who have visited.

Happy America Day!!! 04 Jul 2002
Gamespot has the E3 video of the Simpsons Skateboarding at their site!!! Although you have to become a member to download the vids (in other words PAY), you can view the video stream in either Real Media or Windows Media for free. Go HERE to find the video.

Now, excuse me while I go bust some pyrotechnics...

Where the hell do I find the time... 02 Jul 2002
I added a whopping 70 screenshots for Virtual Springfield!!! Go to the DOS/Windows section to check them out.

I also made a button for us, to spread the word or whatever. If you want to support us go to the About Us section to get the button.

Aw man, that is beautiful! 30 Jun 2002
I got some more great screenshots for the Simpsons Skateboarding, including the front cover! Go to the Playstation 2 section to check out the new stuff!

Lookin'... not bad. 29 Jun 2002
Yea, I changed stuff around again. It's still crappy, but eh, WAY better than the cheap thing I had back in February. The horror...

Who else is tired of those god forsaken pop-up ads my site has? I know I am. Oh, the price I pay for a free web site, (which is nothing, hehe). Anyway, there's a nifty little thing that closes pop-ups before they even get a chance to annoy you! AnalogX POW! is a small program that you activate while you're online to close pop-ups, and you can even customize it! Go to to download the program and be rid of evil forever!!!

Behold the downloads! 24 Jun 2002
Every download here at CBG's Collection is now in it's own Downloads section. Check it out!

Skateboarding not looking so good... 20 Jun 2002
There are two articles at that have some previews and opinions of the game so far. It's not looking well, but I know Fox Interactive and Code Monkeys can fix those problems before the release.

There's also news of new screenshots in some magazines. If any of you fine folks have the mag and a scanner, send the article to a brotha'. Til next time, adieu.

Appearances can be deceivng... 16 Jun 2002
I completed my guide for Escape from Camp Deadly in the Gameboy section. Ya know, the game seemed pretty dumb at first, but after playing for a while it turned out fairly entertaining.

I also added codes for the DOS/Windows version of Bart vs the Space Mutants.

Oh, and apparently Krusty's Fun House came out for the Gameboy, so I added what info I found.

Voila, now it iz zee Cartoon Player! 13 Jun 2002
I added the download for the Simpsons Cartoon player, which can be used to watch cartoons made by the Cartoon Studio. Go to the DOS/Windows section to get it.

I'll be adding some cartoons I've made eventually, but for now you should check out the ones at New Springfield.

More screenshots. 12 Jun 2002
I added 30 screenshots for Road Rage in the Gamecube, Playstation 2, Xbox sections.

I also added the playfield for the new Simpsons pinball game in the Arcade section.

Apparently the bandwidth for my site is not aplenty, and some people who wanted to vote have had trouble getting in. For those folks surely your forgiveness I implore. The poll will be up for a LONG time, so you have all kinds of time to vote.

Friggin' finally. 11 Jun 2002
The guide for Virtual Bart in the Super Nintendo section is finally complete.

A little bit here, a little bit there... 10 Jun 2002
To start off you might have noticed that little poll I placed at the top of the page. It's just my way to find out which Simpsons game is the best of all time. I put the Simpsons Skateboarding in there, so feel free to wait until that game comes out if you think you'll end up voting for it. Also, for multiple platform games like Bart vs the Space Mutants and Krusty's Fun House, I only included them once. It's the same thing.

I also added some new info and screenshots for the Simpsons Skateboarding in the Playstation 2 section.

Virtual update. 05 Jun 2002
The game guide for Virtual Bart in the Super Nintendo section has been updated.

The Horror... THE HORROR... 03 Jun 2002
...screenshots that is. I added 27 screenshots for The Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror in the Gameboy section.

This is the last time, really. 01 Jun 2002
I made the site's design a whole lot simpler. It'll probably be the last major change I make. Expect a whole lot of screenshots, reviews, and a few new game guides and walkthroughs from me this Summer. Until next time...BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Voila, it is zee Cartoon Studio! 30 May 2002
I was wondering whether or not I should include the Simpsons Cartoon Studio as a video game... Eh, why the hell not. I went ahead and added the Simpsons Cartoon Studio to the DOS/Windows section.

More old and Krusty codes. 29 May 2002
I added the codes for the Master System version of Krusty's Fun House.

Some oldies, some goodies, and new stuff. 22 May 2002
Added some new info for the Simpsons Arcade and the Simpsons Pinball in the Arcade section.

There's also talk of a new Simpsons pinball game that'll probably be released by the end of year. There's a sketch of the playfield HERE, and also some info for it in the Arcade section.

A few minor things... 20 May 2002
I changed the left navigation thing, nothing major. Oh, and Simpsons Skateboarding is set to be released this summer, not October. Woo hoo!!!

FINALLY!!! 17 May 2002
I finally found some information for The Simpsons Skateboarding at Electronic Arts UK. You can read the article and see some screenshots HERE.

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