No Simpsons For You in 2006. 12 Jul 2006
I saw it coming but there was always hope... until now. EA has confirmed the product release roster for 2006 and The Simpsons are nowhere on the list. Check out what they have coming in the remainder of the year if you're interested.

Simpsons Movie Trailer on Xbox Live. 10 Jul 2006
Gamers with an Xbox 360 can now download the Simpsons Movie trailer on Xbox 360 Marketplace. Check it out and let us know if it's any different from the one we've all seen on Youtube. :)

Site Design 6.5 Now Live! 05 Jul 2006
If you're a regular visitor you may have noticed a few tweaks to the site. If you're new, welcome to the newly redesigned CBG's Video Game Collection, version 6.5! It's not a complete overhaul or anything that extreme, just a few design issues that were bugging me. There might also be a few weird errors that I'll fix over the next few days.

Next-gen Simpsons Game to be a Platformer? 02 Jul 2006
I recently came across a job posting at the EA Jobs website that called for a level designer to work on an upcoming Simpsons game. Some of the requirements include "getting" action-adventure games, having experience with platform gaming, and level building skills. Given that the most recently announced Simpsons game has had no details released, and the Simpsons movie has also been announced to release in Summer 2007 (a likely target season for the game as well), it's safe to say that this level designer will be creating platform levels on the next-gen Simpsons game.

It is honestly a bit disappointing to see EA Redwood Shores (the developer) take such a standard direction with the game, but given the limited time to have the game done on a next-gen system I can't blame them for going towards platformer. Simpsons Hit & Run was a bit on the platformer side and it was fun, so I won't knock the next game 'til I try it.

Articles from merry ol' Brazil. 24 Jun 2006
Macbee contributed some awesome scans of Brazilian magazines featuring Simpsons games. Sure, it's the same information that many of the other articles have, but it's in Portuguese! Check 'em out in the image articles section.

Bart vs. the World (2006) 19 May 2006
Hey folks. Macbee, the creator of Return of the Space Mutants, is working on an awesome new game called Bart vs. the World (2006). It's a recreation of Bart vs. the World using the beat 'em up engine from games such as Streets of Rage. Check out some preview pics in the forum.

Revamped Downloads Section 07 May 2006
Today's update is a revamped Downloads section with new downloads and more organized sections. Check out the Downloads page for the latest stuff.

Simpsons no longer for sale 26 Apr 2006
I reported a while back that the rights to all of the classic Simpsons games from the early to mid 90s were being auctioned off for $7,500. The auctioneer recently updated the site to reflect the changes since that auction, and it turns out the games sold! Now the only question is who they were sold to. My hope is that FOX purchased the lot and will use the games wisely (a.k.a. make some money from them) and in turn provide fans with compilations of all the games. Check out my opinion on that matter.

Family Guy Article 14 Apr 2006
The May issue of GamePro magazine has a great preview of the upcoming Family Guy game. In the article there is a small feature on animated shows of the past and their attempts at breaking into video games; naturally, there is a blurb about the Simpsons. I have updated the articles section with the feature.

Simpsons Video Game... Accessories? 04 Apr 2006
FOX and 4Gamers quietly announced a deal back in March that would see Simpsons-themed video game accessories come to the market in the UK.

"Our product development team are currently working on the initial launch line up targeted at the crucial Back to School season later this summer" said Bill Stirling, Sales Director at A4T. Check out the article.

Simpsons Movie in 2007: Games as well? 02 Apr 2006
In case you've been under a rock the last few days (or just doing something more productive), The Simpsons Movie has been confirmed for a release of Summer 2007. I can guarantee that the first Simpsons game we'll see is a game based on the movie that will also be released in Summer 2007. So we'll have a game based on a movie, that is based on a show... oh, joy!

Bring Back the Classics 27 Mar 2006
I've written a new article about the possibility of a Simpsons compilation, similar to the compilations being released by companies such as Capcom and Midway. Check it out in the articles section.

Adverts 'n music 26 Mar 2006
I have added a few new music tracks to the downloads section, as well as an all new old image of a German advertisement for The Simpsons Arcade. You'll find that in the advertisements section.

"As a loyal gamer, I feel they owe me." 12 Mar 2006
Check out an Epinion from a man who was tired of crappy Simpsons video games.

While stating the poor quality of past Simpsons games as fact is something I can't exactly agree with, I did like the bit about a Simpsons RPG. As of this news post, RPG is winning in the site poll above, so perhaps EA should stay away from another derivative sports/3rd person action clone.

Family Guy: The Games 05 Mar 2006
Although this is somewhat old news, FOX and 2K Games have signed an agreement to release video games based on the Family Guy TV series. Check out the details. FOX and 2K Games (a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, of GTA series fame) recently released 24: The Game as well.

New Poll is Live 01 Mar 2006
I've placed a poll at the top of this News page that will remain there until the next Simpsons video games are announced. It will be interesting to see what the public would like to see and what EA actually delivers.

Happy (belated) Birthday! 16 Feb 2006
I totally forgot about Matt Groening's birthday! He turned 52 this February 15th, and I want to wish him the best for the coming year. As a celebratory treat I brought out this old game sprite of Groening that I captured from the game Bart vs. the World, in which a grayscale version of him appears on a sheet of paper in the background of the final stage. The sprite has been added to the Bart vs. the World page.

Behind the Scenes added to Game Info 12 Feb 2006
I have finally updated a few of the Game Info pages with "Behind the Scenes" information such as sales numbers and features that were cut out of the games before they were released.

Itchy and Scratchy Golf article 11 Feb 2006
Today's update is a scanned article from the August '94 issue of Nintendo Power. The article covers about half of the game and really shows off the levels well. Check it out in the scanned articles section.

The weird history of Acclaim 19 Jan 2006
The official Nintendo site has a little article that goes over Acclaim's sordid history. Acclaim was the publisher for all of the Simpsons titles in the early to mid 90s (with few exceptions), hence the Bart and the Beanstalk in the title. Check it out at their site!

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