If you see this it's news to you. 25 Dec 2005
So we're back after a week of technical issues. There's no real update today but we should have new stuff by the end of the week.

Updates, three... virtual reality! 19 Dec 2005
We have quite a few new things today. First is the news management system that allows me to make easier news updates and also has a feature for users who want to post comments. Post away, kids!

There's also a few things in the Game Guides section. I updated both of the Virtual Bart guides and created a map for Virtual Springfield. Check them out if you need help in those games or any other Simpsons games.

Finally, there were a few important news items that I don't want to lose from the old news page, so here are the autumn highlights:

12/08/05 - Acclaim, famous for releasing many a licensed title throughout the 90s, goes bankrupt and all of the games, including Simpsons games, are put up for auction. See the full details (saved on my server for archive purposes).

11/14/05 - The whole site gets redesigned to version 6.0. Check out the old design.

11/02/05 - FOX signs a deal with game publisher/developer E.A. to create new games based on The Simpsons, and my response.

EA Gets The Simpsons License 02 Nov 2005
For those who haven't heard, it was announced today that large game publisher EA has signed a deal to develop games based on The Simpsons for next-gen systems. Check out the story at Gamespot.

In other news, new episodes of The Simpsons return this Sunday with the annual Treehouse of Horror episode (a personal favorite). I hope to have that article I promised by then.

New manual, more to come. 11 Oct 2005
Today I have one new manual for <b>The Simpsons</b>, a handheld LCD game by Tiger Electronics. Check it out in the Game Info page. Seeing as it's October and almost Halloween (my favorite holiday) I'll try and do something cool to highlight the couple of Simpsons games that had Halloween stuff in them. Look for that in the next update.

Scanning delight. 04 Sep 2005
I recently came up on some game manuals for Bart vs. the World and Bart's Nightmare, and you best believe I've scanned them and put them in the Images section of the site. I also intend to scan more recent games such as Simpsons Wrestling, Simpsons Skateboarding, Simpsons Road Rage, and Simpsons Hit & Run, and I'll also finish adding stuff to the Downloads. Summer's over baby, and I'm back in full force!

Return of the Space Mutants 14 Mar 2005
What up folks. Today's update is a new page for a NES game called Return of the Space Mutants. It's a hack by a talented guy named Macbee who took some mediocre video game and crafted it into an all new Simpsons game. Check it out in the Game Info page.

Updates and purty pictures 25 Feb 2005
First item for today is updates to all the guides in the Guides section. Nothing noticeable, but check 'em out if ya need help in a Simpsons game. I also created a new splash page usin' the old Super Mario Bros. look, though it's more for video game dorks than Simpsons dorks. See ya.

Scannin' up a storm 28 Jan 2005
Yup, more scans for ya. This time I have the cover scans for the official Prima Guide for Virtual Bart. Check 'em out in the Images section.

New Flash games and more 25 Jan 2005
Whoa, the official Simpsons site pretty good these days. There's a new interactive profile archive for a bunch of the characters in the show, as well as some cool Flash games. You can find the links to those Flash games in the Links section.

New magazine scans and a manual 05 Jan 2005
Yup, I picked up new magazines and a game manual. The magazine scans are in the Images section, and the game manuals are in the Game Info section, so check them out!

It's X-mas time at the VGC 04 Dec 2004
Too bad my Mom's not cooking chicken and colla' greens. I could sure as hell go for some... Anyway, today's updates are the quickie Christmas look and a new Cartoon Studio cartoon in the Downloads section. Check 'em out.

Guides aplenty 25 Nov 2004
Yea, so I scanned some more guides and threw them in the Images section. Check 'em out for some nostalgic video game magazine fun.

Simpsons Cartoon Player 15 Nov 2004
Well, I got 'em up. Every one of the Simpsons Cartoon Player cartoons that were at New are now available in the Downloads section, along with the Cartoon Player. Thanks to Simon Lau and several others for creating those. I only have one up so far, but I've been inspired to whip out the ol' Cartoon Studio CD and create a few more. Look for those in the coming months.

Hank Azaria's new series on Showtime. 02 Nov 2004
Hank Azaria stars in a new show called HUFF, premiering on Showtime this Sunday at 10PM eastern and pacific. Click HERE to go to the HUFF page and get all the information about the show and my review of the first episode.

More pics. 12 Oct 2004
Ay, today I added a cover and several articles from back in the early '90s, which can be found along with the rest of the scans in the Images section. I also included the download for Simpsons Cartoon Player.

We're fillin' up 12 Sep 2004
Yup, the site sure if filling up quite nicely. Today I've thrown in some game magazine advertisements, which can be found in the Images section. I also plan to include game reviews and other articles related to Simpsons video games. Keep an eye out for those and the downloads I've been promising.

10,000 (and then some)!!! 21 Aug 2004
Man, I just noticed we passed the 10,000 hits mark! That may seem like a piddly number for some mega-sites out there, but I'm still damn proud that the site has reached that milestone. I still remember back when 1,000 was a big deal. Thanks to all who visit the site, those who have helped me develop the site for 2 and a half years, and everyone else.

Unfortunately, I have no updates today. But, I am putting together some downloads that should be up by next week. See ya then.

Simpsons Bowling and Simpsons RPG. 26 Jul 2004
Well, it's been a hell of a week. I spent the last few days searching all over this Internet thing for The Simpsons Bowling ROM, which was recently released for MAME. I finally got all the necessary files to play the thing, no thanks to a few uptight message boards and misleading sites. I may post the links to the files in a later update, and rest assured that I'll have a Simpsons Bowling guide written up in a matter of weeks.

Another fan project that is in the works is The Simpsons RPG. Take a look at the web page HERE. It certainly seems... interesting, to say the least.

Fanatical types are funny. 05 Jul 2004
I went all out and wrote up a "Complete Guide to The Simpsons Video Games." It's just a text document with every story and ending for every Simpsons video game ever made, and can be found in the Game Info section. I also included a link to some info about a game called Murder in Evergreen Terrace. It's an adventure game currently being worked on by the LizzArts-Team. Check it out in the Links.

What's up cheese monkeys. 07 Jun 2004
The site is back up after a short reconstruction period, but its nothing noticeable like a kick-ass new design or sweet new graphics. I just reorganized the site for my convenience and pulled out the text info pages. All the games are now HTMLified to include screenshots and other assorted pictures.

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