Game: The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare
Release: 1992
Platforms: Super NES, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment Inc.
Developer: Sculptured Software Inc.
Players: 1
Play: eBay

Bart put off his homework one too many times and is forced to spend all night catching up on missed assignments. Unfortunately, all the work proves too much for him and Bart falls asleep right at his desk. His homework horrors manifest as nightmares that Bart must overcome before he can get a passing grade.

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Manual Manual

Lost Itchy & Scratchy Stage

Acclaim may have jumped the gun when they released the following screenshot in the September 1992 issue of GamePro magazine:

This stage is obviously part of the Itchy & Scratchy world that is currently in the game, however this particular stage appears nowhere in either the SNES or Genesis versions. It must have been cut before the final release, or perhaps it's still hidden somewhere in the code.


High Resolution Scans


SNES vs. SNES Classic Gameplay

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Skateboard On The Street
Jump over a basketball to get on a skateboard and find homework sheets quicker

Skinner Helps
When you see Skinner, let him touch you. He'll give you a suit to wear, and this
will make you invincible on the street for a couple of hits.

GameGenie Codes

Unlimited Z's on the street

Unlimited lives

Level select
Quickly press- A, B, B, A, Down, Up, Right, Right, A -while Bart is falling 
during the opening sequence. 

Control other characters:
Complete the game with at least 250,000 and earn an A+ rating. Then, hold 
Start and press- A, B, A, C, B -during the ending credits. Other Simpsons 
characters will be selectable after the game restarts. 

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                 Based on the Sega Genesis version
                 Written and maintained by SubSane
                  Last Updated September 05, 2005



     1.1 Game Details
     1.2 Story


     3.1 Bartzilla
     3.2 Temple of Maggie
     3.3 Bartman
     3.4 Itchy & Scratchy
     3.5 Bart's Blood-circulation


     5.1 Version History
     5.2 Guide Credits
     5.3 Contact Information
     5.4 Legal Stuff


===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION =============================================

                        1.1  Game Details

The SNES version of Bart's Nightmare was released in 1992, and the
Genesis version followed a year later.

Bart's Nightmare was also the first original Simpsons game on the
16-bit consoles (Bart vs. the Space Mutants was released first on
the Genesis, but it was just a graphical update to the original NES

Bart's Nightmare ushered in a new era for Simpsons gamedom. The days
of the linear platformer were in the past (though Bart vs. the World
had some variety in it), and this game brought about the option to
play stages in any order. The era only consisted of two games (Bart's
Nightmare and Virtual Bart) but it was a stepping stone nonetheless.

                            1.2  Story

Bart has failed one too many classes and one more "F" on his report
card will get him in some REAL trouble. This time he's promised to
study all night long and get a good grade.

Alas, Bart just isn't that attentive. His head is on the desk and
snoring after only fifteen minutes of hitting the books.

As he sleeps a mysterious wind blows into his room, and Bart manages
to wake up just as his homework flys out the window. He quickly goes
to the window and jumps out only to find himself falling through a
cloudy sky.

Where is Bart, and will he get all of his homework back?


===== 2.0 THE WINDWORLD ============================================

What is the windworld? Just a fancy word to refer to the street that
you will be spending most of your time on.

Although it may seem pretty straight forward, the place makes
absolutely no sense if you don't have the manual to explain what's
going on.

Well, a manual or this here guide...

Status Screen----------------------------------------------

- - - - - -
Press C to shoot watermelon seeds at enemies.

- - - -
The pillows are collected by jumping over the orange Blinky fish that
start appearing after you have a few pages. Jump over the three
Blinky fish to collect three pillows and if lose all your Z's, the
pillows will start a new Z bar for you.

- - -
Press C + Up to use a soda for a burp bomb. This will kill off all
enemies on the screen.

Bubble gum
- - - - - -
Press B to shoot out a bubble and keep holding B to control the
direction of the bubble. You can use it hit enemies on the screen,
or collect blue Z's to add to your Z bar. Just hit the blue Z's when
they are under your bar to catch them.

Z's (Health)
- - - - - - -
That Z bar at the top will contain any number of small Z's, which
basically represent your health. If you ever get down to one or
*gasp* ZERO Z's, the bar will disappear.

You can make a new Z bar by having at least two Z's. If you collect
the two Z's as far apart as possible you can make a really wide bar
that can hold more Z's, in essence more health. You can collect
more Z's by moving the bubble gum bubbles around and touching any
Z's you see.

An easier way to widen the Z bar is to ride the skateboard for a
while. Eventually the bar will stretch from one end of the screen
to the other.

- - - -
You can get points by doing pretty much anything in the game. The
points will be used to give a final score at the end.


Left................Move left.
Right...............Move right.
Up..................Move up.
Down................Move down.
B...................Use bubble gum.
C...................Shoot watermelon seeds.
C + Left or Right...Move screen right and left.
C + Up..............Burp bomb.
Start...............Pause game.


- - - - - -
These give you seeds that you can shoot at enemies. Get 'em by
jumping over mailboxes.

Bubble Gum
- - - - - -
The gum is used to capture Z's. You can get gum by jumping over

- - - 
Sodas provide Bart with a burp. Burps are useful for killing off
any enemies on the screen, and can also be acquired by jumping over

? Marks
- - - -
The ? marks appear after jumping over a mailbox. Touch it and it
will point in the direction of the page.

- - -
The Z's are essentially Bart's health in the windworld. Blue Z's can
be captured by using a bubble gum bubble. Don't go after the red Z's
because they pop the bubble.

- - - - - -
The skateboard appears after jumping over a basketball. Ride it to
extend the Z bar and gain more health.

Street walkers---------------------------------------------

- - - - -
These simple things can be killed by jumping over them. They yield
good items, so do it often.

Jebediah's Head
- - - - - - - -
These annoying guys come one after another, and jumping over them
will only get you points. Cross the street to get rid of them.

Old Lady
- - - - -
The old ladies' kisses will cost you points, but they also turn you
back to normal if the fairy turned you into a frog.

- - -
The fairies can get extremely frustrating when they turn you into a
frog time after time. Avoid them by crossing the street, and if you
get hit just find an old lady to get a kiss.

Blinky Fish
- - - - - -
These will appear after you get about three pages. If you jump over
one you'll get a pillow, and if you get three pillows you'll have an
extra continue for the windworld.

Otto's Bus
- - - - - -
Otto and his bus are always driving up and down the street, and
there's no way to kill him. Don't walk on the streets for too long.

- - - - - -
The saxophones can be eliminated by touching them, but don't touch
the music notes. They will cause you to walk backwards in an awkward
fashion. When Jimbo's gang grabs you just touch a saxophone to get
rid of them.

- - - - - -
The basketball bounce along slowly, and if you jump over one you can
get a skateboard. Ride the skateboard to get a wider Z bar.

Principal Skinner
- - - - - - - - -
Skinner walks around carrying a suit. If he catches you Bart will
then wear the suit and invulnerable to enemy attacks for a short
time. It will also slow you down.

- - - - - -
The televisions walk around on the street. Shoot one with a seed to
make a homework page appear.

- Tip from Alu -
It does not pop up a new page. It might the first few, but when you get
to page number 8, that doesn't do anything at all but give you points.

Jimbo's Gang
- - - - - - -
These guys will walk up to Bart and take you along for a little ride.
Jump up and touch a saxophone to shake 'em loose.

Street Oil
- - - - - -
This strange puddle of oil will occasionally appear in the street.
If Bart touches it will slow him down considerably. Stay on the
sidewalk when that thing is around.

Strategy: The mean streets---------------------------------

- Tip from Alu -
I found that you're safe from everything on the sidewalks but the
Jebadiah Heads when your walking directly on the dotted yellow line
in the middle of the street. This tends to bring up TVs MUCH faster.
I kill atleast 5 TVs a minute while walking that line. You just
have to be dodgy about everything else that pops up. Also you don't
have to worry about the bus taking you out, he can't hit you while
you're on the line.

Bart has a single mission on the street: find homework pages! Those
pages lead to the various stages in the game, and in turn is the
only way to beat the game.

At first the pages should be easy enough to find. But after page
three or four, they get tough. Not necessarily because they are
further away, but because the streets are filled with more annoying
enemies in great numbers.

There are a few things that will ensure you survive the streets long
enough to beat the game. For one thing, don't waste too much time
fighting enemies. They'll keep on comin'.

Next, jump over as many mailboxes as possible. Those mailboxes give
up watermelon seeds, bubble gum, sodas, and question marks. Those
question marks will point in the direction of the page if you haven't
been able to find it.

Once the Blinky fish start to appear you can collect the pillows
from jumping over them. Collect three of the pillows and that will
guarantee a continue if you lose all your Z's.

Finally, there's those televisions. Shoot one of them with a seed to
make the next page appear right then and there.


===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH ==============================================

                           3.1  Bartzilla                     

                             Green Door

                        (Number of pages: 2)

Status Screen----------------------------------------------

- - - -
The points in the top corner are your total for the entire game.
This will be in all the stages.

Control (City destruction)---------------------------------

Left.......Stop walking.
Right......Shoot mid-flying helicopters.
Up.........Shoot background buildings.
Down.......Shoot foreground buildings and flying vehicles.
A..........Shoot vehicles on ground.
B..........Shoot train track.
C..........Shoot high-flying jets.
Start......Pause game.

Control (Building climb)-----------------------------------

Left.......Move left.
Right......Move right.
Up.........Move up.
A..........Electric zap.
B..........Electric zap.
C..........Electric zap.
Start......Pause game.



Strategy: City destruction---------------------------------

The city destruction isn't actually that tough when you get down to
basic strategy. You just have to press the right button at the right

First you have to become aware of Bartzilla's surroundings. Tanks
will often approach you on the ground level, so the best way to handle
them is to continually press A to shoot the ground. If they get too
close they WILL hit you, so keep a steady stream of lasers going.

The next common enemy would be the helicopters. You can destroy them
by pressing Right to shoot straight ahead, but it's no problem to tell
when they are coming. The helicopters will always fly below through
the foreground before they approach you from the right side. Just
start pressing Right (or Down to shoot them below) as soon as you
see them.

Aside from the tanks and helicopters you'll have jets to contend with.
Use the same strategy as the helicopters but press C to shoot eye
beams and hit them when they fly high.

You can also use Bartzilla's powers to destroy the buildings and
vehicles that pass by. It's not mandatory, but quite good for those
extra points.

Final comment: try to time it so you destroy the nuclear plant when
there are many enemies on the screen. It will always take out all the
enemies when you step on it.

Don't freak out when the car arrives with a satellite dish on the
back. That's just your ride out of the first part and to the first

Strategy: Building climb-----------------------------------

This part of the Bartzilla door involves climbing up a building a la
King Kong. Along the way there will be people dropping objects, alien
spaceships, Momthra, and the dreaded King Homer.

First things first: keep your thumb on the Up button. The screen will
move up as you do, and you don't want it to catch up. If you get hit
by anything and fall it's possible to fall and lose this chance at
getting the page.

By far the most common and annoying enemies here will be the people
dropping objects out of windows. They can be avoided by moving left
or right, but make sure to stop before moving to either side.

Once you get past the first building width, you'll reach an area with
silver piping on both sides. This is where you'll meet Momthra, the
evil flying bug mother creature. Momthra can be avoided by climbing
onto the pipes on the sides and climbing up as she flys by. Of course
once you get on the pipes the spaceship will appear, and one hit from
that will kill you off. Stay on the pipe just long enough to avoid
Momthra then jump back on the building.

So make your way up and the building will get narrower and narrower
until there are only two columns remaining. Get through that stretch
and you'll reach King Homer himself. I found that the falling objects
will often alternate from left to right, as should you as you climb up.

Once you get to the top start tapping A, B, or C as quickly as
possible to start using the electric zap power. You have to time this
so you hit Homer just as his fist comes down to hit you. If your body
is electrified when he hits, he will get zapped and shrink down to
normal size. If he hits, you'll fall down a few floors and have to
climb up again.

Keep trying to get through that final stretch and you'll be clear.
One zap is all it takes to shrink down Homer and get the second
homework page.

                        3.2  Temple of Maggie                     

                            Orange Door

                        (Number of pages: 2)

Status Screen----------------------------------------------

- - -
There will be a few pillars with some eggs on them, and those eggs
count as extra lives. Collect them before the bird returns.

- - - -
The points in the top corner are your total for the entire game.
This will be in all the stages.


Left................Jump left.
Right...............Jump right.
Up..................Jump up.
Down................Jump down.
A + Left or Right...Whip left or right.
A + Up or Down......Whip up or down.
B...................Not used.
C + Left or Right...Roll screen left or right.
Start...............Pause game.


- - -
Those eggs count as extra lives in this stage, so collect them
before the birds pick them up.

Strategy: Basic maneuvers----------------------------------

There's not much to this stage as far as maneuvers. You have to move
left, right, up, or down to get across the pillars safely.

If you want to kill an enemy you have to hold A and press Left or
Right to whip in the given direction. You can also look ahead by
holding C and pressing Left or Right.

Strategy: Crossing the pillars-----------------------------

If only it were as simple as jumping to the right until you reach
the end. At times you will have to pause and take a careful look at
what's ahead in order to develop a crossing strategy.

Certain pillars will be considerably lower than the rest of them.
These are to be avoided at all costs, even if you have to jump up
or down, or even back to the left. It's best to go around them
rather than risk a jump and fall straight to your death.

You can look ahead and avoid those pillars by holding C and then
holding Right. The screen will roll ahead and show what's ahead.

There are also some instances where the only way to proceed is to
step on a certain pillar so another will rise up. If you see a row
of nothing but low pillars, try stepping on nearby pillars to raise
them up and continue.

Also keep in mind that every pillar you jump on will go down. If a
pillar went too far down it may not be a good idea to jump back
onto it.

Strategy: Moving obstacles--------------------------------

As always you won't be allowed to simply go along to the end of the
stage. There are a few enemies that can be a real pain in the cheeks
in an already frustrating stage.

First you have the devils. The blue ones in the first door will push
you in the opposite direction, and that may sometimes cause you to
fall in a pit. Use your whip to get rid of them.

Then there are the most annoying enemies: the Maggie statues. These
things will shoot a massive pacifier out when Bart reaches the row
of pillars directly in the path of the statue. There are two
effective ways to deal with this.

The first way to avoid the pacifiers is to simply jump up to the row
right before the statue row. Sometimes the pacifier will shoot off
early and allow you to pass through freely.

The second way involves jumping onto the statue row. From there you
have to quickly jump left or right to avoid the inevitable shot. This
way will probably be the more common.

The only other enemies are the birds that swoop down to pick up their
eggs. You can't kill them and the only way they can kill you is if
you jump right into their talons. If the bird is anywhere near the
egg don't even try it.

Strategy: Miscellaneous dribble----------------------------

Well, that's it. Once again I highly recommend taking your time and
using C + Right to look ahead so you can properly plan the route.
Those with patience should beat the two doors easily enough.

Also remember to grab an egg when you see it. Those babies are one
extra life each, and you don't want to go and die just to have to
find a homework page on the street again.

                            3.3  Bartman                     

                             Blue Door

                        (Number of pages: 1)

Status Screen----------------------------------------------

- - - -
The yellow/orange/red/black circle around Bart's face is Bart's
health. If you sustain too much damage and it gets depleted you'll
lose one of those precious lives.

- - -
The small Bart icons are Bart's lives. You'll start with three of
them, giving you three chances to beat the stage.

- - - -
The points in the top corner are your total for the entire game.
This will be in all the stages.

Boss Meter
- - - - - -
A boss health meter will appear when you face off against a boss.


Left.......Fly left.
Right......Fly right.
Up.........Fly up, aim slingshot up.
Down.......Fly down, aim slingshot down.
A..........Shoot slingshot.
B..........Not used.
C..........Not used.
Start......Pause game.


- - - -
Those purple soda pops are health boosts for Bartman. Get them to
refill lost health. You can get them by shooting balloons or picking
them up when Apu drops them.

- - - 
The square Bart icons are extra lives to beat this door. You can get
them by shooting those clown balloons.

Strategy: Fly for it---------------------------------------

Oh my sad, non-flying friend. Do you covet Bartman and his amazing
powers of flight? Do you wish to soar high, higher than a kite in a
mid-summer's cool breeze?

Quit your day dreaming, melonhead!!!

Now then, Bartman can fly in this stage. The basics from any other
side-scrolling game apply here, but I'll go over this 'n that for ya.

The sky is the limit here, so feel free to roam around through the
clouds. I would, however, avoid flying too far to the right. There
are enemies such as red paper airplanes and rockets that can be a
bother if you're caught on the far right.

On the other hand, you don't want to stick around on the left side
either. Just maintain a steady flight to the right while using the
slingshot to clear the way.

Speaking of which...

Strategy: Slingshot of death-------------------------------

Ah yes, the slingshot. If Davey could kill off a giant with one,
Bartman can use it to clear away some obstacles.

The slingshot can actually be fired varying distances, all depending
on how long you hold the A button. The longer you hold it, the further
the shot will go.

That's all well and good, but everyone knows an automatic machine
gun is better than a single-shot gun. So I would suggest the
automatic method for shooting. Just press A repeatedly to release a
continuing stream of deadly slingshot, uh... shots.

Strategy: Know thy enemy-----------------------------------

Let's take a look at this door's roster.

Ya got your red paper airplanes. They are a little annoying, but one
shot each will be rid of them quick enough.

Then there's the white rockets that come up from the bottom. They
don't actively attack Bartman, but a hit from them is a hit like any
other. Pump 'em full shots to keep going.

Those clown balloons are little jerks, so kill 'em at will. You will
occasionally get a soda pop or extra life for your quick and ruthless

That cloud bastard, yea the one that fires lightning. They are
invulnerable to attack, so just fly to the right and swerve if it
comes near you.

Nelson and his amazing flying machine don't really attack Bartman,
but he does fly across the screen over and over again until he is
destroyed. The best way to kill Nelson is to float below the flight
path and aim up.

Strategy: Boss, hot air balloon----------------------------

Sherri and Terri have taken to the skies in their hot air balloon,
and they have never been too fond of Bartman.

The only attack they have is that constant stream of bombs from
above, and unfortunately they do take quite a bit of damage.

When you start, drop down to the bottom and wait on the left side.
Their balloon will slowly float to the left while dropping bombs.
Fly to the right as soon as they get near and then fly up. This
should get you up near the balloon itself and in perfect shooting
range. Shoot as many shots as you can while following the balloon
wherever it goes. If it starts to float back up, follow along.

Strategy: Boss, Barney's pink elephant---------------------

After fighting Sherri and Terri and flying for a short while you
will reach another boss battle against Barney, Springfield's beloved
drunken slob. Him and his pink want to go on parade... all over
Bartman's face!

Barney has a couple of attacks. The first is a rather nasty green
burp that follows you around before vanishing. It's really slow so
it shouldn't be a problem.

Next is the peanut gun that the elephant uses. It's a quick burst
of peanuts, but they are fairly easy to avoid if you stay away from
the front of the elephant.

To hit Barney you'll have to get above him. Start by going down to
the bottom so that he follows you, then immediately start flying up.
You should be able to get above him where you can get him with the
slingshot. It should only take a few barrages to take him out.

Strategy: Boss, Smithers' airship--------------------------

Now you have to fight Smithers? What is this, beat on Bartman day?!

Anyway, this guy's a pain in the cape. Smithers will fly around in
his airship loaded with five dart missiles. Each missile can take half
of Bartman's health, so they ain't no joke.

Those missiles will fly out when Bart is directly in front of them,
but they can be defeated. Quickly start pressing the A button to keep
a steady stream of fire in front of Bartman. The dart missiles will go
down with only a few shots.

I'd advise to first destroy or avoid those missiles, then start
shooting Smithers as quickly as possible. It doesn't take many hits
to take him out.

After flying through the radioactive clouds you will once again have
to fight Smithers. The same strategy applies.

Strategy: Radioactive clouds-------------------------------

After the Smithers fight you'll come up on a patch of green clouds.
That green glow is radiation, and one touch will suck the life out of
Bartman quickly.

But of course there's a path through 'em. Start by flying down to the
bottom and flying under the first few clouds. You'll quickly see a
point where a lower cloud appears, creating a Bartman-sized gap. Fly
through it.

Along the way you may see some rockets fly up. Don't try to blow
through them. Just wait for them to pass before you keep going.

Follow the obvious path that goes up a bit, then there should be a
larger gap leading down. Fly through it and stay along the top path
to fly out of the deadly clouds and continue.

Strategy: Boss, Biplane Burns------------------------------

I knew there was something fishy about fighting Smithers twice. Where
Smithers walks, Mr. Burns is not far behind.

However, Mr. Burns is equipped with a much deadlier (and faster)
biplane. His flying pattern is actually very similar to that of Nelson.

The difference is Mr. Burns has a machine gun mounted on his plane.
Every time he passes through Burns will let off a round to try and
hit you.

But honestly, it's way too easy to lose this battle. All that is
necessary to avoid his shots (and hit him with yours) is to fly up
and down.

So, say you're at the bottom. Let him pass through once, then start
flying straight up while shooting quickly. On his next pass Burns
will miss you, and your shots will get the plane. Continue that
attack pattern to easily beat Burns and win the homework page.

                        3.4  Itchy & Scratchy                     

                            Yellow Door

                        (Number of pages: 2)

Status Screen----------------------------------------------

- - - -
The yellow/orange/red/black circle around Bart's face is Bart's
health. If you sustain too much damage and it gets depleted you'll
lose one of those precious lives.

- - -
The small Bart icons are Bart's lives. You'll start with three of
them, giving you three chances to beat the stage.

- - - -
The points in the top corner are your total for the entire game. This
will be in all the stages.


Left.......Run left.
Right......Run right.
Up.........Run up.
Down.......Run down.
B..........Not used.
C..........Use weapon.
Start......Pause game.


- - - -
Those purple soda pops are health boosts for Bart. Get them to refill
lost health. You can get them by hitting obstacles such as eyeballs
and light bulbs.

- - - 
The square Bart icons are extra lives to beat this door. You can get
them by hitting obstacles such as eyeballs or light bulbs.

- - - -
This is the best weapon in the stage. It can kill anything from a
safe distance.

Fire Extinguisher
- - - - - - - - -
A fire extinguisher. It shoots fire extinguisher stuff. It's only
good for the final boss, so don't grab it until then.

Plunger Gun
- - - - - -
A plunger gun. Good for toilets, but sucks for anything else. Stick
with the mallet.

Strategy: The basics---------------------------------------

Although there are two pages to get in the yellow door, you won't get
them both at the same time (like in the Bartzilla door).

No, they want you to work to get those two pages. So the first
yellow door you go through will have a stage and at the end you'll get
the first page. But, later on you will come across another yellow
door with another Itchy and Scratchy stage. That's where you'll get
the second page.

As for the action in the stages, it's simple. Get a weapon, use a
weapon, kill everything.

Finally, these Itchy and Scratchy stages are divided into various
rooms. You will know when you can move to the next room by the red
arrows that appear on the right side.

Strategy: Yellow door #1-----------------------------------

The first room is the Simpsons' living room. It's not too complex,
with just a chair, a table, and lots of Itchys and Scratchys.

First of all you'll need a weapon, so run to the right and get the
mallet from the table. Keep the mallet with you at all times as it
is the best weapon for these stages. Once you have the mallet all
you'll have to do is stand at the top of the room and hold C to
start pounding some critters. And remember to ALWAYS stay at the top
or you might get hit.

Continue the pounding until the red arrow appears so you can move on
to the next room.

This next room gets a lot tougher. Not only do you have to contend
with Itchy and Scratchy, but also a bunch of pyro-vacuums, an
exploding telephone, bouncing eyeballs, and crazy light bulbs.

The vacuums are probably the biggest threat as one burst of fire
from them will take away one life. Obviously you'll want to stay at
the top of the screen. The telephone, eyeballs, and bulbs can be
avoided by simply running through without pausing.

If you want to gain an extra life you can run to the very right and
stand near the light bulbs. Keep swinging your mallet to hit the
bulbs and an extra life will appear. Run and grab it to add it to
the roster.


As for the destruction, it's much like the previous room. Stand at
the top and keep slamming with your mallet. They will all fall like
the wacky cartoons they are.

Run to the right and up the stairs to go into the attic, which is no
different from the other rooms. Stay at the top and kill everything,

Now you're in the Simpsons' kitchen. All the action is off to the
left, and unfortunately you have to run over there. Run to the bottom
and make a mad dash for the left side, which should help you avoid
the telephone and fireballs from the oven.

From here it's all deja vu. Stay at the top (on the tile floor, not
the counter), and smash 'em all to bits to finish the first yellow
door and get a homework page.

Strategy: Yellow door #2-----------------------------------

Now then, everything is practically the same for this door. I'll go
over any important differences as I go along here.

Start off in the piano room by going to the right. Stay at the top to
avoid the vaccuums. When you see Scratchy at the door get ready to
jump over his tongue as it rolls out onto the carpet. Grab the plunger
gun from the corner.

Plunger gun? Didn't I say the MALLET is the best weapon? Indeed I did.

Run to the left while holding the gun and get hit by Scratchy's
tongue. It will cause minimal damage, and you will be downgraded to
the mallet. It's smashin' time!

Run to the left (jump over the tongue this time) and stand between
the piano and Homer portrait. Hit those eyeballs if you'd like an
extra life, then start smashing all incoming enemies to exit the

Next up is another kitchen room, and it is just like the last one
save for one thing. The bubbles of dooooom!!!

Run to the left and stand between the two bubbling sinks. From these
sinks will emerge vicious, bubbly enemies that can be hard to close
at close range. So the center of the sinks will be ideal for hitting
the bubbles before they hit you.

Keep up the attacks on the bubbles and other enemies to continue on
to the next room.

This time you get tossed right into the melee, so run to the right
side as quickly as possible. Jump as you pass by Itchy to avoid his
mouse traps, and DO NOT GRAB THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER. Stick with the
mallet. Stand between Itchy and the extinguisher and just start
hitting enemies as usual to continue.

Run up to avoid the vaccuums in the basement and unleash your mallet
fury upon them. Keep up the bashing until the red arrow appears.

Strategy: Boss, furnace monster----------------------------

Now run down to the bottom and straight to the right. Don't stop
until you reach the end and grab the fire extinguisher. Once you have
it, run back to the left and stand over the drain on the floor.

Anyway, a boss! And an easy one at that. All you do now is stand on
that drain and wait for the monster to release a stream of fire
sparks. Shoot all the sparks to extinguish them, and make sure not to
miss a single one. One touch from those sparks and you'll lose a life.

After the furnace has released the sparks it will close, and that's
when you attack. Run forward and you should be able to get exactly
three hits before it opens up again. When it opens you run back to
the drain and repeat the whole thing.

Continue with that attack pattern until the furnace monster is no
more and you'll get the second homework page.

                    3.5  Bart's Blood-circulation                     

                            Purple Door

                        (Number of pages: 1)

Status Screen----------------------------------------------

- - - -
The points in the top corner are your total for the entire game. This
will be in all the stages.


Left.......Swim left.
Right......Swim right.
Up.........Swim up.
Down.......Swim down.
A..........Pump up viruses.
B..........Not used.
C..........Not used.
Start......Pause game.


- - - - -
Touch the Smilin' Joe Fission guys when they pass so you can open
the forcefield around the page.

Strategy: Know your enemy----------------------------------
The only enemies you'll encounter while swimming around in the
bloodstream are viruses of various colors. The spiked helmet
viruses will swim around and attempt to hit you, and the viruses
with round helmets will toss out grenades.

The spiked viruses can be avoided by simply not swimming above them.
They only attack when directly below Bart. As for those
grenade-tossing fellas... Swim away. FAR away. Those grenades they
toss don't blow up, but they are small enough not to notice. Keep
your eyes on them whenever the round helmets are on screen.

Strategy: Pop your enemy-----------------------------------

Luckily, Bart is armed with a handy dandy pump-o-matic machine thing.
With it you can pop off all the viruses before they get a chance to
hit you. Just approach any virus to automatically attach the pump,
then quickly and repeatedly press A to pump them into submission.

Strategy: Gettin' Smilin' Joe Fission----------------------

Of course the whole point of swimming around in this stage is to find
another homework page. To do that you will have to grab all the
Smilin' Joe Fission guys floating around in the blood.

They will start to appear when the page pops up at the top. The page
has a forcefield around it, so every time you grab a Smilin' Joe
Fission it will weaken the forcefield. You'll have to grab 6 of those
little buggers to bust open the forcefield and get the homework page.


===== 4.0 CODES & SECRETS ==========================================

There are no secrets or codes currently known. That code to select
other characters is a load of... well, I'll call 'em lies.


===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. ============================================

                        5.1  Version History

September 5 '05: Version 1.1
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Added some tips from Alu.

January 31: Version 1.0
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Hah, told ya! I fixed something in the Maggie's Temple stage.

January 7, 2004: Version 0.9
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Here goes my first FAQ of 2004. It'll be 0.9 until I realize I made
a mistake somewhere and update it to 1.0.

                         5.2  Guide Credits

Thanks to...

1. Matt Groening. The man created 'The Simpsons' and 'Futurama', two
hilarious shows that can't be topped. Shine on you crazy bearded

2. If I thank Matt Groening, then I also have to praise the hundreds
of individuals who are involved with the show. To the writers, voice
actors, animators, producers, gofers, and every other person
involved... thank you!

3. Wilson Lau gets mad props for his kick ass 'Bart vs. the Space
Mutants' guide. It inspired me to write guides for Simpsons video

4. Sega, Flying Edge, and Sculptured Software for creating the game.

5. for the text version of the
instruction manual (SNES version).

6. Alucard Tepes for his windyworld tips.

7. Thank YOU for reading. After all, I didn't write this for my own

                      5.3  Contact Information

The address is:

The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely
respond to any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without
a subject. Put 'Bart's Nightmare FAQ' or something similar in the
subject line.

                          5.4  Legal Stuff

1. "Bart's Nightmare" is copyright © 1993 Flying Edge Entertainment
Inc. The Simpsons and any related Simpsons characters are property
of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

2. This guide copyright © 2004-2005 SubSane. This guide may be
distributed freely as long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and
UNALTERED form. It is only for private use and may not be reproduced
for commercial purposes.

If I discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is
being displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide
removed from that location.

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