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The Simpsons VR
iOS, Android

Produced with Google Spotlight Stories, The Simpsons couch gag, “Planet of the Couches,” is available on both Android and iOS to celebrate the 600th episode of the TV series.
Latest Game

Release Date: 1992-1993
Platforms: NES, Game Gear
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment Inc.
Developer: Imagineering Inc.
# of Players: 1

Bartman Meets Radioactive Man is the final game in the Bart trilogy for the NES, starring Bart as his heroic alter ego, Bartman! In this adventure, Bartman's hero Radioactive Man has been captured by the nefarious Brain-O the Magnificent. Bartman must face perils in Swamp Hag's seedy swamp, Dr. Crab's evil ocean, and Lava Man's underground labyrinth before the final showdown with Brain-O himself.

NES Screenshots

Game Gear Screenshots

Behind the Scenes

Acclaim's PR department must have been out on vacation when the game publisher released this screenshot in the September 1992 issue of GamePro magazine:

The screenshot depicts a scene in Bartman Meets Radioactive Man where Bartman is flying through a stage, a familiar action throughout the game. However, this particular stage seems to take place inside a cave, and there is no such stage in the game. The developers must have cut this stage before it was released.

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