Game: The Simpsons Slot Game
Release: 2017
Platforms: Arcade
Publisher: Scientific Games
Developer: WMS
Players: 1
Play: Find a slot

It is Casino Night in Springfield! Join Homer and the boys for a night on the town in The Simpsons. Showcased on the engaging GAMESCAPE cabinet, show foot-age and characters come alive thanks to the three high-definition displays and 3D sound bar. GAMESCAPE also includes an industry-first gesture control element that allows players to physically interact with the game in the bonus features. The Simpsons includes five character features and a Donut Wheel Bonus.

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2018 BEST SLOT AWARDS: Third Place Best Music, Movie, or TV-Themed Slot

Slot Type: 5 Reels, 30 Lines, 45 Cedits Bonus Bet, 600 Credits Max Bet

Progressive Jackpot: Wide Area Progressive resets at $200,000, triggered by 5 Homer Jackpot symbols on the top row whlie playing max bet.

Top Award: 60,000 Credits x Bet Multiplier x Denomination, triggered by 5 Homer Jackpot symbols on the top row whlie playing less than max bet.

Bonus Features: Donut Wheel Bonus, Progressive Jackpot, Cloning Feature, Mystery Symbol, Respin Scatter Pays, Homer's Monorail Madness

The character bonus features include Homer’s Monorail Madness, Moe’s Pranks A Lot, Krusty’s It’s Cobblering Time, Wiggum-a-Roll and Apu’s Scrat-Cha-Pa-Looza where the player uses the gesture control element to scratch off a ticket with the goal of matching two symbols that will become wild on the reels. The Donut Wheel Bonus also utilizes the gesture control element by having players catch sprinkles that are falling off a spin- ning donut, which correspond to free spin feature enhancements. Shouts of “D’oh” and laughter will be heard on the casino floor as players interact with this engaging game.

DONUT WHEEL BONUS - 4 Gold Donut symbols on the 4 corner reels trigger the Donut Wheel Bonus. The Donut Wheel will spin and sprinkles will fall off the Donut Wheel. Players will be requested to place a hand above the motion sensor and catch sprinkles as they fall. 7 to 26 sprinkles can be collected. Up to 5 Blue Sprinkles may be collected, each Blue Sprinkle awards 1 additional Free Game. Up to 10 Red Sprinkles may be collected, each Red Sprinkle awards Wild Lock symbols that lock into a random reel position at the start of the Free Games and remains locked for the entire bonus. Up to 9 Green Sprinkles may be collected, each Green Sprinkle collected increases the multiplier by 1 and multiplies all wins during the Free Games. 5 to 15 White Sprinkles can be collected, each White sprinkle awards a Mystery symbol that locks into a random reel position at the start of the Free Games and remains locked for the entire bonus. When the Donut Wheel stops spinning, 3 to 15 Free Games will be awarded that include the features collected.

CLONING FEATURE - The Cloning feature can randomly occur during the Base Game or the Donut Bonus. Before the reels spin, 1 to 5 of the reels may switch to an alternate set of reels. When the reels stop, the symbols on the reels that switched will clone and will contain the same symbols. The four corner reels which can activate the Donut Bonus and Respin features will not switch and are excluded from this feature.

MYSTERY SYMBOL - Before the reels spin in the base game, the Mystery Symbol feature may be activated. Once activated, symbols may be randomly replaced with the same base game symbol watermarked with a question mark. The Homer Jackpot, Logo, and Donut Wheel symbols are excluded from this feature. This feature is also available in the Donut Wheel Bonus and the number of Mystery Symbols appearing on the reels is determined by how many White Sprinkles were collected by the player during the Donut Wheel spin. These Mystery Symbols are watermarked with a question mark, locked in place and can be any symbol except for the Logo symbol.

RESPIN SCATTER PAYS - 4 matching Homer, Apu, Moe, Krusty, or Wiggum symbols on the 4 corner reels triggers the Respin Feature and moves the game into the location associated with the Respin Character. One Respin is awarded and the Respin Scatter Pays pay table will become available. If the Upgrade symbol appears, the pays are increased and the upgrade symbol transforms into the Respin Character symbol. Up to 4 Upgrade symbols may be awarded and all Respin Scatter Pays are multiplied by 2, 3, 4 or 5 for 1, 2, 3, or 4 Upgrade symbols awarded respectively. If an additional Respin Character symbol appears, an additional respin is awarded.

HOMER’S MONORAIL MADNESS - Homer takes control of the Monorail, the monorail cars display credit prizes ranging from 5-1,000x bet multiplier. A Win Window, 1 - 7 cars wide and 3 cars tall will appear over part of the monorail. After the monorail stops, all credit prizes within the Win Window are awarded. On average, the total credits awarded during the feature is greater when the Increased bonus bet is active. Occurs on average every 364 plays and pays on average 10 credits times total bet with 50 credits bet. Occurs on average every 371 plays and pays on average 17 times total bet when playing the Increased bonus bet line array at 75 credits bet.
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