Game: The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World
Release: Release Date: 1991-1993
Platforms: NES, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Amiga, Atari ST
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment Inc.
Developer: Imagineering Inc.
Players: 1
Play: eBay

The success of Bart vs. the Space Mutants put dollar signs in everyone's eyes and they followed it up with this sequel less than a year later. The premise is that Bart has to travel to four different locations around the world to collect various Krusty-themed treasures. Along the way four of Mr. Burns's relatives and their minions try to stop Bart from accomplishing his goal. With cameos from every member of the Simpsons family and other characters, a variety of fun mini-games, and unique worlds for Bart to explore, this game stands out as a jewel among the many Simpsons video games released in the early 1990s.

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NES Manual

MG's First Video Game Appearance

Here is a small easter egg from the final stage of the game. Bart is walking across a giant desk fighting pens, letters, and other office-related supplies. A gray sheet of paper appears in the background featuring a bearded figure wearing a Hawaiian shirt and holding a pencil. If the beard didn't give it away, the Hawaiian shirt definitely did: it's Matt Groening! Here is a screenshot:

And here are colored versions of the image that I created based on that:



High Resolution Scans

NES Screenshots

Sega Master System Screenshots

NES vs. NES Classic Gameplay

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GameGenie Codes

Infinite lives 

Infinite energy 

Infinite firecracker balls 

Infinite tries for the card match game 

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          The FAQ/WALKTHROUGH for BART VS. THE WORLD, v1.9

                   Based on the Nintendo version
                 Written and maintained by SubSane
                     Last Updated July 2, 2003



     1.1 Game Details
     1.2 Story

     2.1 Game Start
     2.2 Status and Menu Screens
     2.3 Controls
     2.4 Items
     2.5 Points

     3.1 China
     3.2 The North Pole
     3.3 Egypt
     3.4 Hollywood




     7.1 Version History
     7.2 Guide Credits
     7.3 Contact Information
     7.4 Legal Stuff


===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION =============================================

                        1.1  Game Details

The NES and Master System versions were released in 1991, and the
Game Gear version in 1993. Developed by Imagineering Inc.

                            1.2  Story

Good ol' Krusty and his need for self promotion. He and Mr. Burns
have sponsored a worldwide treasure hunt for one lucky kid who won
an art contest. Out of all the submissions, Bart won! I guess his
craptacular drawing is fine art.

Or is it? Ay, there's treachery afoot! Mr. Burns has apparently
vowed to hate the Simpsons, and he gets some of his odd relatives
to finish off Bart and prevent him from getting all the Krusty
treasure items.


===== 2.0 BASICS ===================================================

                           2.1  Game Start

Select Start to begin the game.

Here you can practice the five mini games that are in each level.
It's a good idea really, and kinda fun.

                     2.2  Status and Menu Screens

Those blue circles in the upper left corner represent your health.
Maximum of five.

Cherry bombs
The red circle and number above health are the number of cherry

Pause Menu
If you press Start to pause you can view your points and remaining

                          2.3  Controls

Command     |  Character Action                   |  Other           
Start       |  Pause                              |  -
Left        |  Walk, jump, fly                    |  -
Right       |  Walk, jump, fly                    |  -
Up          |  Fly up, swim up                    |  -
Down        |  Duck                               |  -
B button    |  Bombs, + A to long jump/fly faster |  -
A button    |  Jump, fly                          |  -

                             2.4  Items

    Item                 |  Purpose of item
    Bag of cherry bombs  |  10 cherry bombs
    Jebediah Springfield |  Temporarily invincible
    Big Diamond          |  1 extra life
    Bartman icon         |  Fly for about 18 seconds

                             2.4  Points

 (Every 3500-4000 points you receive an extra life)

    Action/Item         |  Number of points
   Small diamond        |  100 points
   Krusty collectible   |  100 points
   Unique Krusty item   |  100 points
   Stage enemy          |  150 points
   Jebediah Springfield |  200 points
   Yellow squishee      |  500 points
   Large diamond        |  500 points
   Boss enemy           |  900 points
   Bartman icon         |  1500 points

At the end of every level, Krusty will count the Krusty collectibles
and Krusty-brand items and give you extra points for them. Here's
what Krusty gives you for the items:

 Krusty collectible...100 points
 Unique Krusty item...2000 points


===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH ==============================================

                      -Important note-
You may want to check the section entitled 'Unique 
Krusty-brand Item Locations'. You have to collect certain 
items to get the best ending, and I'd hate for you to play 
the game and end up with an unsatisfying finish.

                             3.1  China


Enemies: Chinese sailors, flying swans

This stage is extremely simple. Grab the large diamond to the left
and the cherry bombs under, then proceed up the first mast and collect
as much as you can. Watch for the swans and fire crackers. After you
go back down go all the way to the left. There's a Krusty-brand Item
under the boat, but read the guide below for the locations of all the 
Krusty-brand items. Go up the second mast and feel free to collect as
much as possible and kill anything you can. Also, there are two
Bartman icons to the left of the boat, in mid-air. Grab them to
reach any items that were too high to get normally. Finish up and get
to the MAP exit in the upper-left of the second mast.

                       -Great Wall of China-

Enemies: Chinese people, dragons

This stage is kinda' fun, just hard to maneuver. When you reach the
towers always take the lower door, as it's usually the one without a
dragon. Also be careful because the dragons will throw flames in 
front of the lower doors. After you pass a tower be ready to avoid 
the Chinese people walking around the wall. If you see a ramp get 
ready to press jump right when you are about to leave the ramp. This 
way you'll manage to make it over any gaps. Also jump over the bare
spots in the floor. Don't be afraid to slow down if you don't think 
you can proceed safely, better safe than a life lost. After you get 
to the fourth tower take the lower door to exit.

                            -Card Match-

This one is all you. You have to have a good memory and some luck
here because you only get 5 chances. The cards are switched around 
if you don't make it, so it may take a while. They'll give you four 
Krusty collectibles for beating this one.


This asks you three Simpsons trivia questions. It's also one of the
better mini stages. If they have you stumped (come on, who can get
those questions wrong?), check the Trivia Game answers below. You'll
get three Krusty collectibles as a reward.

                          -Sliding Puzzle-

This one is also up to you. What I do is start from the top, then
form the second row. Afterwards I move up the 4 and 8 on the left so
I stay in the bottom two rows and keep the top two in order. You'll
get another four Krusty collectibles.

                         -Fu Manchu Burns-

Enemies: Fu Manchu Burns

Stay as far away as possible and avoid the fire crackers he throws.
To hit him you have to wait for him to lower his fan, then hit him in
the face. Be careful because if his fan is up he'll deflect your
cherry bombs back at you. Five hits and Fu Manchu Burns will be

                          3.2  The North Pole

                              -Ice Cave-

Enemies: Bats

Proceed to the right, using the A and B jump method to make long
jumps over the big gaps. To get through the snowflake lines wait for
a large gap and jump through. Once you get to the first up and down
tunnel you'll find three tunnels on the right side and one all the
way at the top-left area. The two lower tunnels on the right connect
to each other. The only reason to go in here is to get the extra lives
and points you may need. 

Head up the platforms to get to the top-left tunnel and go in. In here
you'll find some small diamonds and Krusty collectibles. You'll also
see an infinite bag of cherry bombs and some infinite Bartman icons.
Use the cherry bombs to destroy the wall blocking the Bartman icon,
then grab the icons and collect all the items you can. Be careful
because if you're hit while you're flying you will fall back down. 

After collecting everything go back to the point where Marge is. From
there take the right tunnel and reach the second set of platforms.
Climb up and go left to get a Krusty collectible, then get to the
barrier. To move the barrier simply back up and hold A to crash head
on into it. After two hits it should give way. Get the Krusty
collectible and then get to the pool. By this point I hope you've had
enough practice with platform jumping, because this part can be
extremely frustrating. 

Basically the best thing to do is use long jumps to jump across the
platforms. When you get to the bubbles wait for them to get to their
third stage, when they're at they're biggest, and hold A as you land
to get a big jump. Hold forward so you can jump straight to the next
platform. After you get through the pool you should finally see the
MAP sign.

                            -Frozen River-

Enemies: Mutant fish, sea gulls

Simple. Hop on the ice flow to make it move. Make sure to face to the
right to go forward. About three small hops should get you going at a
good speed to stay ahead of the fish. 

In the second pool make small hops to avoid the sea gulls. Don't go
fast because if an ice flow hits the next one too hard, it'll be sent
down the pool without you. Slow and steady... When you see Lisa, grab
the cherry bombs to use on the igloo. Make your way through the third
pool and you'll see the MAP sign on the far right.

                          -Igloo Shell Game-

We've all played this before, lost some money. Basically you have to
watch which igloo the Krusty collectible is in and use Maggie to
point it out. The Krusty collectible is your reward.

                            -Slot Machine-

Also pretty basic. You have to line up three of the faces to get some
Krusty collectibles. To get the face you want, wait until you see the
face zoom past the screen. The second you see it press A or B,
sometimes it helps to memorize the patterns. Getting Otto will give you
four collectibles, Milhouse will give you three, Moe with two, and
crappy ol' Sideshow Bob will only give you one.

                           -Sliding Puzzle-

Same as the sliding puzzle from the previous level.

                       -Abominable Snow Burns-

Enemies: Abominable Snow Burns

To beat this guy you just have to wait for him to pop out of his
fishin' hole and jump on his head. Five hits is all it takes to cool
him down.

                              3.3  Egypt


Enemies: Egyptian Smithers, bats, rocks

Go up the pyramid, using the cherry bombs to get rid of the Egyptian
Smithers' rocks and spears. If you get the Bartman icon just fly all
the way to the top and enter the pyramid through the stone that's
second from the top. Once inside hold A to outrun the rocks that
follow you, then slow down near the bottom to avoid the spiked stake
in the road. Shoot any bats that get in your way.

Eventually you'll reach a pool with wooden platforms over it. Use the
platforms to get to the group of middle platforms that move up and
down. At this point there's two ways to go. If you hold A and take
the top way you'll get some small diamonds and a shorter way to get
to the MAP sign. The way to the right is a bit tougher because if you
fall off the moving platform you'll fall in a pool and lose a precious 
life. I suggest the top way. When you get to the set of small
platforms just carefully jump across to get out of here.

                        -Valley of the Kings-

Enemies: Mini tornados, scorpions, rocks

Run across the sand dunes and get to the hole. Collect everything you
can along the way, of course. Jump over and you'll get a squishee. When
you fall in there will be tunnels on your left and right, some with
scorpions. If you don't get all the holes the first time you fall
through, don't worry. 

At the bottom of the tunnel there are two Bartman icons: one over the
lava pool and one next to the door. The one over the lava pool is on
the left side, and you can only get it after you fall the first time.
You'll find lives, cherry bombs, and point items in the tunnels, so
it's up to you if you want to grab any of them. After you're done go
to the bottom-right exit door. In the next part climb around the
sphinx and collect anything you can. After you're done, go to the
left and get the Bartman icon. Quickly make your way to the face of
the sphinx and land in the right ear and enter. In the next room
you'll find the MAP.


Enemies: Flying cobras

Just run straight to the right, collecting anything you see. After
you get the Bartman icon quickly fly to the left and land on top of
the sphinx's head to get the MAP sign. Remember not to get hit while
you're in the air because one hit and you fall.

                          -Sliding puzzle-

Same as the last two.


Yea, another one.

                       -Ramses Burns of Egypt-

Enemies: Ramses Burns

Amazingly simple, all you have to do is avoid his staffs and jump at
the loose string hanging from the carpet. Six string pulls and you
send this guy to the afterlife.

                            3.4  Hollywood

                       -Hollywood Soundstage 1-

Enemies: Captains, pirates, parrots, rats, bottles, cannon balls

This one starts off as another platform jumper. Make your way through,
be careful with the cannons, rats, and pirates, and reach the main
deck of the ship. Go left and pick up the cherry bombs, then head
back to the ship's black rigging. Climb up, but slowly so that the
cannon balls and sea gulls don't hit you. Also avoid the holes in the
rigging or you'll fall back down. 

After you reach the top and go over, fall to the left. Once you're on
the next platform there will be a hole. Fall in and straight down to
grab the Bartman icon. Fly back up and to the right to reach another
mast with Maggie on it. From here just keep jumping and climbing to
the right until you see the MAP sign.

There are a bunch of extra things like lives and point items spread
out all over the stage. I took the easiest route because at this
point in the game I found that all the things were not needed, or at
least I didn't need them. Feel free to explore the lower levels of
the ship if you want more points and lives.

                       -Hollywood Soundstage 2-

Enemies: Bats, torches, fireballs, Smithers ghosts, zombie arms,
spiders, skeletons, moths

This one is kinda' hard, similar to the Hollywood Soundstage 1. Make
your way through, jumping over the torches and fireballs that come
from the right. Pick up the items up in the tree branches because they
will definitely help. When you reach the gate, wait for the blue
statues to jump up then go under them. Also, when you walk across the
gate watch for the spikes to be there. If they are not that means you
will fall through on to the spiked bushes below. To climb out, jump
on the designs on the gate. 

After you get through the gate you'll be in a graveyard with Smithers'
ghosts and zombie arms. You'll also notice that some graves have a
pitch black hole under them. Skip over the first black hole and jump
into the second. 

Inside these holes there is a type of maze. Go under the coffin on
the left. Then go right and into the next coffin. Go right again and
when you jump in the hole stick all the way to the right so that you
go into the tunnel on the right. Follow this path until you get to
the coffin, then go into the next coffin and you'll be out of the
graveyard. Like before there are items spread out all over. I took
the shortest and safest path, but feel free to explore.

Next you'll be at a mausoleum wall, with RIP platforms. Pause after
each jump for a few seconds to make sure there isn't a skeleton in
any window, or a spider in the way. On the right side of each row
you'll find another bag of cherry bombs, so kill anything in your
way. After a whole lot of jumping you'll hopefully reach the MAP sign.

                       -Hollywood Soundstage 3-

Enemies: Yellow erasers, pencils, happy little elves, pens, ink drops,
Itchy, Scratchy, films

A third Hollywood Soundstage will open up if you managed to get all
the unique Krusty-brand items. See the guide below to find all the
Krusty-brand items. This stage seems like it may belong to someone

Anyway, head to the right. Avoid the pencils, elves, pens, yellow
erasers, and ink drops. When you get to a gap with a white eraser, 
use a long jump and continue to hold the buttons to bounce off the 
eraser and on to the other side.

Next up you'll think you're falling but you're not. You'll see a film 
reel scrolling up, just walk up to it and enter an animation cel. 
There are three cels to enter from the left: one has some films 
bouncing around and then some holes, one starts with some orange 
boxes, and the last one has some films and then a director's chair. 
The third cel has the EXIT sign, but if you feel you need any extra 
points or lives, look around on the other two cels. Itchy and Scratchy
are no big deal, but be sure to have plenty of cherry bombs just in
case. Finish up in here and all you have left is Von Burns.


Here you stand on the bar as Moe slides drinks at you, trying to knock
you over the edge. Best thing to do is stand at the left edge and
jump as high or low as you need to. Be watchful because Moe will also
send out some Krusty collectibles along with the drinks. After four
rounds it's on to the next stage.

                            -Find the Bats-

This part is pure luck. You have to pick a random door and find a
bat, then pick another and hopefully find the second bat. Then go
and uncover the third. If you get all three you'll be rewarded three
Krusty collectibles.

                           -Eric Von Burns-

Enemies: Eric Von Burns

Not much strategy involved. All you have to do is avoid his loud
speakers and hit him with cherry bombs. Remember to stay as far away
as possible. After about fifteen hits you'll send this guy to the
cutting room floor.

Yes, you beat the game! But did you get the good ending? Read the
section below to find out how to get the much better special ending.


===== 4.0 UNIQUE KRUSTY ITEMS ======================================

Collecting all of these items is VERY important in the game. If you
don't collect them all you won't open Hollywood Soundstage 3 and get
the good ending. Trust me, without all the items you'll be so pissed
off, you might cause fatal damage to the cartridge after the crappy

In fact, I honestly think the ending for this game is the best out
of all the old Simpsons' games. Enjoy!


Junk- Krusty Toy Junk
Real easy item. All you have to do is go to the left edge of the boat
and hop directly below to find Maggie and get the Krusty Toy Junk.

Great Wall of China- Great Krusty Stone Statue
This one's a two part item. First you have to stick to the top of the
wall after passing through the first tower. When you see Lisa, jump
up and you'll get a sound confirming you touched her. Proceed forward
and after you pass the second tower and two ramps, stick to the top
again. You'll see the Great Krusty Stone Statue. All you have to do
is grab it and it's yours.

                       -The North Pole-

Ice Cave- Krusty the Snowman
To find this one go all the way to the first set of platforms that go
straight up a tunnel. Eventually you should see Marge throwing snow
balls at you. Stand or jump in a spot so that you can hit the Krusty
the Snowman behind her, and after five hits it will fall back down to
the entrance. Go down and pick it up.

Frozen River- Krusty Ice Cube
After passing two of the pools, Lisa will give you some cherry bombs.
Use these to blow open the igloo that's just ahead and get the Krusty
Ice Cube.


Pyramid- Krusty Mummy
When you reach the platform that moves, follow it up. About halfway
up the left wall you should see a gap. Continue on the moving platform
until you reach the top, then jump back down into that halfway gap.
Inside you'll find Lisa trapped by a bat. Just jump at Lisa and the
bat will die. Afterwards head to the left to get the Krusty Mummy.

Valley of the Kings- Krusty Sand Sculpture
Make your way across the sand dunes until you reach the hole in the
ground. Stop by the edge and hold A and B to do a long jump. When you
jump in make sure you land in the very first tunnel on the right.
When you're in there wait for Maggie to be at her lowest point, then
jump at her and you'll get the Krusty Sand Sculpture.

Sphinx- Krusty Mini-sphinx
Ok, this one was kinda' hard for me to get. I'm not sure if it's the
only way, but it's the best way I found. Read the whole strategy
before going for it, because you really need to prepare.

First thing to do is go all the way to the right and stand by the
Bartman icon. Be ready to grab it and QUICKLY hold B as you fly to 
the left. Hold A to go up a bit at a time, always holding B. 
Hopefully you were able to aim for the right side of the face and 
land on top of the upper lip. Super quickly run across and knock 
Homer into the mouth by stepping on his fingers, then fly out of 
the left side, holding B still. Quickly fly around to the mouth as 
you hold B and grab the Krusty Mini-sphinx, then quickly as hell 
make your way to the right-top of the head, as quickly as possible. 
With a little luck and speed you were able to land on top, next to 
the MAP exit. 

In case you didn't notice, I emphasized moving QUICKLY as you HOLD B
to go quicker. Trust me, even at your fastest you might barely make
it to the MAP.


Hollywood Soundstage 1- Krusty Jolly Roger Flag
After you make your way up over the first mast, fall down and hold
left so you'll land on another mast. Go right and you'll see a hole.
Fall in straight down and eventually you'll get a Bartman icon. 
Immediately hold B to fly faster then fly up and to the right. You'll
see another mast, and then little Maggie up in a crow's nest. Wait
for her to stop under the mast and she'll lower the Krusty Jolly
Roger Flag for you.

Hollywood Soundstage 2- Krustystein Monster
In the mausoleum, the place with all the RIP platforms, you'll
eventually see a window with Homer standing in it. Jump through Homer
as you make your way to the platform. Homer will go inside and come
back out with the Krustystein Monster.


===== 5.0 THE TRIVIA GAME ==========================================

Here you'll find the questions and answers for the Trivia mini game.

1) What did Homer do to become the hero of Springfield?
   B)Campaigned for a speed bump.

2) What is the name of the Simpsons pooch?
   C)Santa's Little Helper.

3) Where did Bart set off a cherry bomb?
   A)A toilet in the boys room.

4) Why did Homer decide to go on a diet?
   C)He got stuck in an amusement park ride.

5) What is the motto of the Springfield nuclear power plant?
   C)We're safer than you think.

6) Why did Homer get a big promotion in the power plant?
   A)He grew a new head of hair.

7) What is Grandpa Simpson's first name?

8) How did Jebediah Springfield found the town named after him?
   B)He killed a bear.

9) Who's portrait was Marge hired to draw?
   B)Mr. Burns.

10) Who is Mr. Burns loyal right-hand man?

11) Where in High School did Homer meet Marge?
    C)In detention hall.

12) What is the name of the giant catfish Homer caught?
    B)General Sherman.

13) Lisa's first crush was on Mr. Bergstrom, her substitute teacher.
    How did he enter her life?
    B)In a cowboy hat.

14) Grandpa Simpson lives where?
    B)At the Springfield Retirement Castle.

15) What do Herbert Powell, head of Powell motors, and Homer Simpson
    have in common?
    B)They are half-brothers.

16) Who is the Simpsons family doctor?
    C)Dr. Hibbert.

17) What did Homer eat that made him think he was poisoned?

18) Who is the clergyman at the Simpsons church?

17) How did Bart lose the class election to Martin?
    C)None of his supporters voted.

18) What is Homer's favorite thing for dinner?
    A)Smothered pork chops.

19) What is the name of Springfield's bowling alley?
    B)Barney's Bowl-A-Rama.

20) Which answer is not true about Sideshow Bob?
    B)He's married to Krusty's sister.

21) What political office did Mr. Burns run for?

22) The one time when Homer was actually creaming Bart at Video Boxing,
    what happened?
    B)Maggie pulled the plug.

23) Kent brockman is the host of what late night news show?
    A)Smart Line.

24) What is the name of the three eyed fish Bart caught?

25) What is the tone addling ball of Homer's dreams?
    A)The Stealth Bowler.

26) What is the name of the jazz club where Lisa played her sax?
    C)The Jazz Hole.

27) What did Marge spend all of the Simpsons Christmas money on?
    C)Getting Bart's tattoo removed.

28) What was Mr. Burns doing in the photograph that sealed his
    political downfall?  
    B)Spitting out a piece of fish.

29) Where did the Simpsons get their dog?
    A)The dog races.

30) In the beginning of every Simpsons show, what is Bart doing before
    the school bell rings?
    B)Writing on the blackboard.

31) What is the name of the Arcade where Homer went to practice Video
    B)Raiders of the Lost Quarters.

32) What is the special ingredient in Marge's pork chops?

33) Where was Grandpa Simpson when he saw the ghost of his dear,
    departed girlfriend Bea?
    C)On a roller-coaster.

34) What is Bart's blood type?
    C)OO Negative.

35) Bart's favorite comic book hero is Radioactive Man. Who is his
    trusty side-kick? 
    B)Fallout Boy.

36) What is Homer's favorite snack food?

37) Where did the Simpsons take Grandpa Simpson on a family outing?
    C)To "Discount Lion Safari".

38) What is Springfield's miniature golf course?
    A)Sir Putt-A-Lot's.

39) In France as an exchange student, what did Bart spend most of his
    time doing?
    B)Working at a vineyard.

40) What did Grandpa Simpson finally do with all the money he inherited
    from his girlfriend?
    B)Spruced up the old folks home.

41) Who works at the Kwik-E-Mart?

42) What did the Simpson's dog do to get sent to obedience school?
    C)Chewed up Homer's new sneakers.

43) In the time he was a manager, what changes did Homer make to
    reduce the accident rate at the power plant?
    B)He gave more tartar sauce with the fish sticks.

44) What major league baseball team did Homer become the mascot of?
    A)The Capital City Capitals.

45) Which cheery cartoon character explained nuclear power to Bart's
    A)Smilin' Joe Fission.

46) What is the name of Bart's teacher?
    B)Mrs. Krapabbel.

47) What are the title characters in Bart's favorite Sci-Fi movie series?
    B)Space Mutants.

48) How did Bart get sent to a school for geniuses?
    B)He signed his name to Martin's test.

49) After his accident, when he was hovering between life and death,
    why did he get kicked out of heaven?
    A)He spat over the side.

50) What did Homer promise to do if Bart lost the miniature golf
    tournament to Todd Flanders?
    C)Mow the lawn in Marge's Sunday dress.

51) Bart's bus-driving pal, Otto, is always wearing what?

52) Which is the worst kid in Bart's school?

53) In Bart's Halloween story, what did the aliens want to do with the
    A)Give them a life of total happiness.

54) What did Bart do to cheer up Lisa when she was depressed?
    B)He called Moe's.

55) What gift did Homer surprise Marge with for her birthday?
    A)A bowling ball.


===== 6.0 CODES & SECRETS ==========================================

Game Genie Codes for NES
 Infinite lives: 

 Infinite energy: 

 Infinite cherry bombs: 

 Infinite tries for the card match game: 


===== 7.0 LEGAL / MISC. ============================================

                        7.1  Version History

July 2: Version 1.9
- - - - - - - - - -
Yea, I'm still fixing this thing. This time I updated the format

March 22: Version 1.8
- - - - - - - - - - -
I updated the guide format.

Feb. 20, 2002 - Feb. 14, 2003: Versions 1.0 - 1.7
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
There was a longer version history, but it was taking up space. I
wrote the entire guide, fixed all mistakes, and added small tid bits
here 'n there.

                         7.2  Guide Credits

Thanks to...

1. Matt Groening. The man created 'The Simpsons', which has been on 
the air for 14 years and is still going strong. Shine on you crazy
bearded bastard!

2. If I thank Matt Groening, then I also have to praise the hundreds
of individuals who are involved with the show. To the writers, voice
actors, animators, producers, gofers, and every other person
involved... thank you!

3. Wilson Lau gets mad props for his kick ass 'Bart vs. the Space
Mutants' guide. It inspired me to write guides for Simpsons video

4. Nintendo and Imagineering for making the game.

5. Thank YOU for reading. After all, I didn't write this for my own

                      7.3  Contact Information

The address is:

The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely
respond to any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without
a subject. Put 'Bart vs the World guide' or something similar in the
subject line.

                          7.4  Legal Stuff

1. "Bart Vs. The World" is copyright © 1991 Acclaim Entertainment
Inc. The Simpsons and any related Simpsons characters are property
of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

2. This guide copyright © 2002-2003 SubSane. This guide may be
distributed freely as long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and
UNALTERED form. It is only for private use and may not be reproduced
for commercial purposes.

If I discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is
being displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide
removed from that location.

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