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The Simpsons VR
iOS, Android

Produced with Google Spotlight Stories, The Simpsons couch gag, “Planet of the Couches,” is available on both Android and iOS to celebrate the 600th episode of the TV series.
Latest Game

Release Date: 2001
Publisher: Fox Interactive/Activision
Developer: Big Ape Productions
# of Players: 1 or 2

Space aliens have challenged the citizens of Springfield to a wrestling match, but first the Springfieldians must battle each other for the spot of top wrestler. Player choose from a large cast of characters with unique moves and skills. The characters are animated using a blend of 3-D and traditional animation, as are the various unique moves and locales that appear as the wrestlers battle it out. After completing all the wrestling circuits the player moves on to the final match against not one alien, but two!


Behind the Scenes

Sales (in U.S. dollars): $6,560,000
Sales (in units): 202,700

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