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Release Date: 2001
Platforms: NES
Developer: Macbee
# of Players: 1

The story for Return of the Space Mutants begins in 1991 with an NES game called Swamp Thing, which was developed by Imagineering (the same team that developed the other Simpsons games on the NES) and published by Acclaim. A decade later, Brazilian Simpsons fan Macbee decided to use Swamp Thing to create an entirely new game based on the space mutants from Bart vs. The Space Mutants. The result is a fun and ingenious game that uses the Swamp Thing programming and completely custom graphics to create a new experience for gamers and Simpsons fans alike.


ROMs are console video games that have been transferred to computer file form and can be played with the use of the appropriate emulator program. Here I have the NES ROM, and to play it you'll need an NES emulator. Go to Google and search for "nintendo emulator" to find the emulator.

Return of the Space Mutants ROM


CD Inserts and Covers

Though Return of the Space Mutants is a "hack" that is only available as an online download, I thought the game was so good it deserves appropriate packaging. Below you'll find downloads for a CD cover, CD insert, and CD tray card that can be printed and placed into an empty CD jewel case to create a spot for this game on the shelf.

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